Wooden Wall Designs – Creating an Awesome Retreat in Your Bedroom

Wooden Wall Designs – Creating an Awesome Retreat in Your Bedroom

Has your bedroom become too boring to spend time in? Do you want to revitalize it somehow but have no idea where to start?

With a little imagination and inspiration from our bedroom design ideas, you can make your room fascinating and relaxing as ever. If you are looking to create a rustic look and add a touch of warmth to your bedroom, you might want to consider incorporating a wooden wall design.

Wooden wall designs are effective in creating depth, texture, warmth, as well as an accent to any room. Here, we share with you 30 creative and fascinating wooden wall designs that you can adapt for your own bedroom.

 This wooden-panelled design shows the earth before continents and countries, with LED-lit splits upon a warm wooden floor.
Image Source: Wladimir Sapyan


Light and bright bedroom interior
Image Source: Roman Movliaiko


Wooden walls provide the perfect canvas for couples. Accompanied by grey, white and a large square window, panelled shafts add a contemporary feel to an otherwise basic bedroom.
Image Source: Pavel Alekseev


A wooden wall with smartphone-controlled LED lighting
Image Source: Kovr


Natural-looking wooden wall
Image Source: Elena Zhulikova


This horizontal wooden wall juxtaposes two fantail pendant lights and hanging plants, providing a rustic beauty with two bedroom ledges.
Image Source: Olga Kondratiuk


This LED-lit wall combines dark and light wood in one focal artpiece.
Image Source: N-Gon Archviz


A minimalist look works well with this chequered wall
Image Source: Sequoia Cgi


 This attic-style abode makes the most of space, with a diagonal wooden wall and matching wooden platform.
Image Source: Houzaifa Al Jandali


This bedroom is as rustic as a wood cabin and as light as a feather.
Image Source: Lyubimova Kate


Modern bedroom
Image Source: Vlad Kislenko


This alternating headboard turns wood dark and turquoise, as monochrome elements drop below and beside.
Image Source: Nevi Studio


Beautiful bedroom interior
Image Source: Lucas Studio


This low-lying bed blends perfectly with a smooth wooden wall surface.
Image Source: Alexey Gulesha


Modern bedroom with a wooden wall
Image Source: Julia Lyublyanova


A wooden wall with natural lines
Image Source: Stanislav Kaminskyi


A bicycle, canvas, drop lights and an easel in hipster bedroom decor
Image Source: Penint Studio


Minimalist bedroom
Image Source: Kateryna Senko


Dashes of colour frame this array of wooden panels
Image Source: Nika Vorotyntseva


Yellow accent furniture in modern bedroom
Image Source: Hạnh Lê


Wooden accent wall
Image Source: Stanislav Kaminskyi


Diamond patterns cover this feature wall, a focal point in a room full of wood.
Image Source: Dmitriy Kurilov


Geometric wooden wall design
Image Source: Igor Grigoriev


Modern bedroom with dark wood
Image Source: UB Design


Spacious bedroom interior
Image Source: Kateryna Panasik


This lightly-patterned design holds everyday necessities within an LED-lit, easy-to-reach inlet.
Image Source: Anastasia Ugleva


Beautiful art deco bedroom
Image Source: Hamoud Kabbani


A bedroom with a 70’s vibe with a painted wooden wall
Image Source: Katie Domracheva


Patterned wooden wall
Image Source: Ekaterina Toropova


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