A Definitive Guide for Wine Storage Temperature

A Definitive Guide for Wine Storage Temperature

What is the ideal white wine storage temperature? And the best champagne storage temperature? What is the proper temperature to serve red wine?

These are great questions to ask since temperature is the most important factor when it comes to proper wine storage. Wine storage temperature has the greatest influence on its taste, quality, and durability. In light of the fact that wines need to be aged for a certain period, ranging from a couple of months to several years, your wine storage area needs to have a consistent temperature.

If you don’t have the ideal wine storage conditions in your home, it is advisable to at least maintain optimal temperature levels. But what are these optimal temperature levels? Read on to find out.

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What is The Perfect Temperature for Storing Wine?

The perfect temperature is dependent on several factors. These include how much fruit, tannin, and alcohol your wine contains. Generally, wine should be stored at temperatures between 52 and 57°F.

Be sure that wine storage temperature never exceeds 75°F. Otherwise, your wine will begin to oxidize, eventually getting damaged. Wine storage temperature fluctuations may also result in wine damage. Therefore, be sure to keep the storage temperature as consistent as possible.

That said, let’s get specific.

The Ideal Temperature for Long-term Wine Storage

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For long-term storage, you should not store your wine at temperatures above 65°F. Otherwise, it will age more quickly and its lifespan will be reduced significantly. Conversely, wine stored at temperatures below 45°F would not fully develop, and hence not achieve the desired flavor.

If you are looking to store your wine bottles for at least 6 months, then 55°F is the perfect temperature at which to store them. What if you want to store them for less than 6 months? Read on.

The Perfect Temperature for Short-Term Wine Storage

If you are planning to drink your wine shortly after purchase or within a 6-month period, then it’s advisable to store them at their recommended serving temperatures. You may also devour all of your wine in the least amount of time but that’s risking of getting yourself admitted to Legacy Healing rehab centre. 

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Red wine serving temperature, for instance, is lower than room temperature. Conversely, white wine serving temperature is higher than the temperature of your standard household refrigerator. Here’s a quick wine serving temperature guide to help you get the best experience from your wine:

  • 40-50°F  —  Light, dry white wines and sparkling
  • 50-60°F  —  Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity red wines
  • 60-65°F  —  Full-bodied red wines and ports

Consider investing in wine refrigerator. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes and will help your store and serve your wine at the perfect temperatures.

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Final thoughts

Wine should always be stored at the right temperature. You want to maintain the wine’s flavor and balance. You don’t want your wine to age prematurely or be damaged by incorrect wine storage temperature. Therefore, it is imperative that you know what the optimal wine storage temperature is for your favorite bottle of wine. You can draw inspiration from this guide.




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