White Bedrooms That Exemplify Tranquility

White Bedrooms That Exemplify Tranquility

Your bedroom should radiate your personality and your values. It also should be a place where it I easy to unwind after a long day.

While some people would prefer colorful walls and lots of large tropical plants to create their own jungle retreats, others may be more inclined to something somewhat simpler with a Zen aura. If you belong to the second group, then white bedrooms would tickle your fancy.

The following bedrooms feature soothing, radiant white palettes. They exude charming relaxation. And gorgeous furnishings, art, and accessories add a touch of personality to the rooms. Have a look and get inspired on how to create your own white bedroom.

The recessed geometric lighting in this bedroom adds a ton of visual interest without breaking up the monochromatic style.
Image Source: Marina Tsishyna


This room utilizes white floor lamps which will provide plenty of illumination when the sun goes down.
Image Source: Paulina Arcklin


A bedroom can still achieve that zen feeling that an all-white design brings when incorporating a few more neutral colors.
Image Source: N-Gon Archviz


Beautiful white bedroom
Image Source: Press Render


White provides an ideal backdrop for greenery, as evidenced by this cozy den of indoor house plants.
Image Source: Ivy Muse


The unique bedside lamps in this white bedroom give of an enchanting glow that definitely ups the zen vibes.
Image Source: NUKO Studio


ecorating a white bedroom means choosing just a few special elements that will imbue it with the right personality.
Image Source: Kateryna Senko


This white and wood design, plus a soft shag rug, is the perfect perch for watching the sky.
Image Source: Bartłomiej Senkowski


This white bedroom manages to cultivate a bohemian casualness without even a peek of the electric colors usually associated with that style.
Image Source: Paulina Arcklin


White walls make the apartment feel big and bright while Scandinavian style chairs add a simple practicality.
Image Source: Hoàng Long


A bright Fiddle Leaf Fig sits perched on one of this bedroom’s modern side tables, adding a lovely splash of green.
Image Source: Nordico


When you add even a hint of black or grey to a white bedroom, like these modern wall sconces for example, it takes on an almost futuristic feel.
Image Source: Ando Studio


The light wood that makes up the flooring and bed platform in this bedroom is especially complementary to the overall white theme.
Image Source: Marc Canut


The Scandinavian style is strong in this sunny bedroom, which keeps the color palette simple while playing a bit more with texture — soft linens, rug, hardwood, etc.
Image Source: Vic Nguyen


Although it uses white walls, this bedroom does not have the same blinding white effect as some others featured.
Image Source: Leu Khanh


This attic bedroom makes up for its somewhat small windows with plenty of light wood and white walls (and ceiling) to open up the space, no matter what time of day.
Image Source: Up Interiors


Futuristic feeling bedroom
Image Source: Bonaldo


The skylight in this room is certainly the focal point. White walls simply give that stunning centerpiece somewhere to cast all its glorious sunshine.
Image Source: Peter Ang


Unique ceiling fans can always provide a stylish and practical addition to a bedroom.
Image Source: Peter Ang


Much like other Scandinavian design, Scandinavian bedrooms like this one feature simple, high-quality elements with plenty of clean lines and a focus on practicality.
Image Source: Pavel Pisanko


This white bedroom with soft pink elements features the AJ Floor Lamp as well as comfortable reading chairs for a relaxing evening.
Image Source: Filip Sapojnicov


Vaulted ceilings are made that much more glorious with the use of white paneling and intricate molding on the walls.
Image Source: Tomasz Ewertowski


The minimal color in this small bedroom make it appear almost as a painting rather than a bedroom.
Image Source: Vlad Mishin


Minimalist bedroom interior
Image Source: BrainFactory


Beautiful white bedroom
Image Source: Stanislav Borozdinskiy


This creative bed design turns into shelving and even art itself in this bedroom.
Image Source: Who Cares?! Design


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