Three General Types of Wall Murals to Enrich Your Room’s Ambiance

Three General Types of Wall Murals to Enrich Your Room’s Ambiance

Have you been fancying wall murals for one of your rooms but not quite sure where to start?

No wall decorative accessory can beat wall murals when it comes to adding a personal touch to a wall. Murals are simply large images applied directly or painted on a wall or other large surface like the ceiling.

Besides adding color to your walls, murals can also create a lovely aura in your space. Moreover, they are easy to use and are widely used as alternatives for paintings.

Interior of a cozy Rustic Bedroom with a country nature wall mural background.
Image Source: storm

There are three main types of wall murals to choose from depending on your personal needs: Painted scenery murals, photo murals, and abstract murals.

Shall we have a detailed look at each type of wall mural?

Photography Wall Murals

These are murals that showcase photography and they can take various forms. Photography murals, be they a single photo or photo montage, allow you to pay homage to your favorite photos in different styles.

A sofa in front of a photo wall mural

Image Source: magann

Dining room with a beautiful wall mural
Image Source: Rebel Walls

For instance, you can use a large three-paneled wall mural to display your favorite landscape or cityscape photo. These murals come in a variety of materials, namely:

  • Vinyl
  • Canvas
  • Aluminum
  • Photo board

And the good thing about printing photos on these types of materials is that they don’t need glass to protect the photograph.

Wall mural in the bedroom
Image Source: eumolp

Painted Scenery Murals

These types of wall murals consist of painted scenes or images. They are a great way to bring stunning views to your walls.

When choosing a painted scenery mural, you should go for one that looks striking to you. You may also choose a mural that blends with your home décor theme or displays the work of your favorite artist.

Painted mural on staircase wall
Image Source: muralsyourway

A painted image mural for in-house purpose cannot be complete without being framed or matted. There are also outdoor painted scenery murals, which are normally painted on the outside walls and side of buildings.

Abstract Wall Murals

If you are an abstract art enthusiast, then an abstract mural would be a great statement piece for your home.

An abstract mural can either be one large canvas or can be divided into several parts. Using this kind of wall mural is an excellent way to create a contemporary aura in your home. You can get abstract murals either online or at local art galleries.

Decorative chandelier above designed table in living room with grey mural on wall
Image Source:

Final thoughts

Wall murals are an excellent way to completely transform the look and feel of your room. They add an extra dimension to any room, including living rooms and bedrooms. And depending on the kind of effect you want to achieve, there are different types of wall murals to choose from. You can choose either abstract wall murals, photo wall murals, or painted scenery wall murals to add a magical atmosphere to your space.




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