Add Glamour To Your Home With Vitrage Glass

Add Glamour To Your Home With Vitrage Glass

What comes to your mind when you think of vitrage glass? One of the things you would think of is an old building featuring ancient architecture. However, vitrage glass can be used in your home décor as well.

Here are some vitrage glass décor tricks you can adapt for your home:

Vitrage glass
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Vintage appeal

The aesthetic appeal of vitrage glass normally glows in the light. Consider replacing your opaque glass windows and door panels for translucent vitrage and inject a vintage vibe into your home décor.

Vitrage glass windows
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Vitrage Glass Window Frames

If you are looking to add an extra window to your home without investing a fortune in renovation work, you can’t go wrong with vitrage glass window frames.

Adding these window frames to a room is an easy way to create a stylish design while also making the room feel more spacious.

Wall of art

You can add a touch of elegance to your living room by hanging vitrage glass painting on the room’s white wall. Also, adding this kind of painting to your dining room wall can add a touch of sophistication to the room.

Another great idea is to create a framed vitrage glass painting and place it on your wooden furniture.

Kitchen counter
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Bathroom decor

Want to make your bathroom much more than just a space to take your bath?

You can use a vitrage glass panel as the bathroom wall or at the window to create a relaxing vibe in the room. This will help calm your mind and ease the stress of the day. The room will be tranquil and calm.

Vitrage glass on the bathroom windowa
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Fireplace décor

With vitrage glass, you can inject color into your room, making it look glamorous and elegant. You can achieve this by using vitrage glass panels around your fireplace.

There is a wide range of fireplace screen designs you can choose from. This glass will enhance the illuminating effect of the fire, adding multi-effects to your room.

Dolphin fireplace screen
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Home office décor

You can use vitrage glass to add a touch of personality to your home office. You can use vitrage glass panels as cabinet fronts or door fronts to enrich the glamour of your home office. You can also use these types of glass panels on windows to radiate a luxuriously gorgeous look within the office.

French doors

If you have an expansive master bedroom or garden area, then you should consider investing in French doors. These doors are a romantic and stylish feature that can have an incredible effect on these areas. Don’t go for clear or foggy glass. Go for vitrage glass instead as it will inject an extra touch of romance into the space.

Final thoughts

The vitrage glass is normally one of the glaring characteristics of old buildings. However, it’s actually more versatile than it should be. Vitrage glass can be used in any style and more. It can complement virtually any window or opening. Use the above tips to incorporate vitrage glass into your home décor.




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