Tips To Find Vibrant Kitchen Rugs for Your Boring Kitchen

Tips To Find Vibrant Kitchen Rugs for Your Boring Kitchen

Maybe you are starting to notice that your kitchen looks somewhat dull, but you are not really ready to do a full-scale kitchen makeover. How about you invest in colorful kitchen rugs instead?

Rugs are a great addition for any room and if you want to uplift the overall mood of your kitchen environment, then you cannot go wrong with colorful rugs. Moreover, kitchen rugs are an excellent way of covering a badly scarred kitchen floor. They are also perfect during the cold seasons as they allow you to keep your kitchen floor covered and warm, making it cozy.

That’s said, let’s look at some things to keep in mind when looking to use colorful rugs to create a warm ambiance in your dull kitchen.

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Consider Your Habits in the Kitchen

Before you settle for any color for your kitchen rugs, you need to consider the traffic in your kitchen. If it is a high traffic area, it is advisable to choose rugs with dark or patterned fabric.  Namely, dark-colored kitchen rugs are effective in hiding dirt and stains. If you prefer light-colored rugs, however, make sure they are very easy to clean.

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Think About the Weave Type

Your choice of weave type also depends on the amount of traffic your kitchen receives. If your kitchen is a high traffic area, you should choose flatweave rugs. Besides being aesthetically appealing, flatweaves can also withstand heavy foot traffic.

Flatweave kitchen rugs also come in cotton and easy-care fibers. So, you can simply throw them in the washing machine for quick and easy cleanup. If your kitchen floor is tiled, you can place a lush, high-pile rug under the kitchen table or in walkways. This is a brilliant way to add instant warmth to your kitchen floor while enriching your décor.

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The Kitchen Style Matters a Lot

You should choose kitchen rugs according to your kitchen style. If your kitchen features country style, for instance, consider using rugs that have a rustic look. Natural-themed rugs can also work well. This means braided rugs or rugs with themes such as sunflowers or strawberries can be a perfect choice for country style kitchen. Similarly, a Victorian style kitchen will look heavenly with multi-colored and majestic oriental rugs.

Use Kitchen Rugs to Define Space

You can use rugs to create a visual separation of your kitchen floor. For instance, you can easily separate the working space from the dining space in your kitchen by using two different colorful rugs. When it comes to using several rugs in your kitchen, it is advisable to choose rugs of different sizes.

Namely, same-size rugs will visually split your room by half. Moreover, you should ensure that the rug styles blend in with each other. You don’t want to undermine the sense of harmony by using too many clashing patterns and styles.

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Invest in Bright Colors and Robust Patterns

Your kitchen may look boring as a result of subdued wall colors or simple wallpaper. In this case, you should add more interest to the space by investing in kitchen area rugs with robust patterns. In fact, choosing area rugs with ornate patterns and vibrant colors is a great way to enrich the mood of your kitchen.

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Final Thoughts

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It is the place where food is prepared and families share meals and ideas. Finding the right kitchen rug will give your kitchen the welcoming feeling of a gathering space while safeguarding the floors from heavy foot traffic. When your kitchen feels dull, colorful kitchen rugs will do a wonderful job in adding color, warmth, and animated ambiance. The above tips should help you make the best of colorful rugs when looking to uplift the mood of your kitchen.




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