Types of Vanity Mirrors: What’s The Right One for You?

Types of Vanity Mirrors: What’s The Right One for You?

Having difficulty finding the best vanity mirror for your bathroom? A vanity mirror is an integral component of every-day personal grooming.

Also referred to as a makeup mirror, it is a type of mirror you use to check on your face, apply makeup, make your hair, and to generally get ready for the day. Besides its functional aspect, a vanity mirror can enhance the look and feel of your room.

Vanity mirrors come in many different types. It is imperative that you choose the right type depending on your needs. In fact, depending on the type you choose, these mirrors are well-suited for the bathroom or the bedroom. You can even use a vanity mirror to decorate your hallway.

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Unfortunately, many of us shoot in the dark when it comes to choosing the right vanity makeup mirror. In that light, let’s explore the most common types of vanity mirrors, so you can have an easier time choosing the right one for your needs.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

A bathroom vanity mirror is normally used in many homes. It normally stands above the sink in the bathroom.  It is largely used for applying makeup, combing hair, brushing teeth, and getting dressed.

Bathroom vanity makeup mirrors are an integral piece of home décor as you can use the mirror several times a day. These makeup mirrors come in several different types, including round, oval, rectangular, and square. So, you can choose the best type of vanity bathroom mirror depending on your personal needs.

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Vanity Mirror with Lights

There is a variety of vanity mirrors that are illuminated by light bulbs or LED lights. These are perhaps the best makeup mirrors you can have. With the lights, you can see the finest details of your face as you apply makeup, groom your eyebrows, and much more.

It is worth noting that of all the lighted vanity mirrors, those with LED lights are the best. Besides producing the best white light for shaving and applying makeup, LED light mirrors also require less electricity. Moreover, LED lights don’t get hot even when used for longer time periods.

You can place a lighted makeup mirror in your bedroom or bathroom depending on your needs.  

Round chrome lighted makeup mirror in bathoroom.
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Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

There’s no vanity that is more popular than the glamourous-looking Hollywood style mirror. Virtually every woman loves professional celebrity-style mirrors with light bulbs around its frame. You want to emulate your favorite Hollywood star in applying makeup to have that dazzling look.

These are normally wall-mounted mirrors. They are available in a couple different options, which you can place on the bathroom wall, table, or desk. If you are looking for the best vanity mirror for a teenage girl, you can’t go wrong with Hollywood vanity makeup mirrors.

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Vanity Table with Mirror Attached

Another cool type of makeup mirror is a vanity table with a mirror attached. You can place this mirror in your bedroom, bathroom, or powder room. It can also look great in your hallway.

This vanity set is available on the market in several different styles, designs, and colors. They are largely affordable. The black and white vanity tables with mirrors attached are the most popular options.

Beautiful wooden dressing table with mirror
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Final thoughts

The vanity mirror is perhaps the most used piece of furniture in the bathroom. Anytime you walk into the bathroom you look into the mirror. Sometimes, you just do it subconsciously while walking by. It is an essential tool for every-day personal grooming. It helps you make sure you look the best. The most important thing is to invest in the right type of vanity makeup mirror. There are bathroom, lighted, Hollywood, as well as vanity tables with mirrors attached. So, choose the right one depending on your needs.  



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