Why Vanity Mirror with Lights is A Must-have Makeup Assistant

Why Vanity Mirror with Lights is A Must-have Makeup Assistant

Do you want to see everything clearly when you’re applying makeup? Maybe you want to see your face as it will look in the light when you go out? A vanity mirror with lights can make that possible.

There are many different types of vanity mirrors with lights available on the market today. Some even allow you to choose the lighting depending on the time of day. That means if you’re preparing yourself for a candlelit dinner, you’ll have the actual image of how others will see you.

Vanity mirrors with lights are normally powered by electricity. However, there are some that run on batteries. It is advisable, to go for an electrically powered mirror that has a battery backup system. It is worth noting, however, the latter option can be more expensive.

Room with makeup mirror lights and window
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A vanity mirror with lights is a must-have accessory in your home, thanks to its wide range of benefits. If you have contact lenses, for instance, bad lighting conditions can make things hard for you when handling the lens. Luckily, with the excellent lighting conditions of these mirrors, you can quickly put on your contact lenses without any difficulty.

That said, let’s explore several other benefits of having a vanity mirror with lights:

Clear Image

With the concentration of light around your mirror, you can be able to tell exactly how you look at the time. Hence, you’ll be able to groom yourself in a much better way than if you were depending on the normal natural light.

Vanity mirror with lights
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A normal room light gives you just a rough idea how your final appearance will look. Conversely, a lighted mirror gives you a detailed idea how your face is made up. Namely, you will get delicate and accurate images of delicate areas, including the eyebrows, eyelashes, and mustache. You can even  see the color gradation of the makeup you are using.

No Disturbing Others

Another great thing about a vanity mirror with lights is that it provides light without disturbing any other person in the room. Before the advent of vanity mirrors with lights, you had to use the bedroom lights for instance.

That means if you have to start dressing for work, your sleeping partner had to contend with the bedroom lights being on. Nothing can be more frustrating than light when you are trying to get some sleep. The vanity mirror with lights effectively solves this problem.

So, you can get sufficient light to prepare yourself without disturbing your sleeping partner or children.

Woman's makeup place with mirror
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Modern Bathroom
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Different Light Settings

Many vanity mirrors with lights feature light settings to emulate a variety of scenarios. Namely, when you are applying makeup, you want the light to match the light of the place you are going. The most common light settings are the day, evening, and home/work.   

How do the light settings work?

The day setting provides a similar lighting to daylight. Conversely, the evening setting adds a shade of pink. It also generates somewhat more heat, so you can apply makeup more easily. The home/work setting, on the other hand, provides the light of the average room.

Vanity mirror
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Do Vanity Mirrors with Lights Have any Disadvantages?

Despite all of the advantages of having a vanity mirror with lights, it also has some setbacks. These mirrors are normally more expensive compared to the normal vanity mirrors. Moreover, it can be expensive to install some of them, especially the wall-mounted ones. You may need to hire an electrician to install the mirror and its lighting system.

Final thoughts

It is uncomfortable to leave the house and go out in public when you are not sure how you look. That’s where vanity mirror with lights comes in handy. These mirrors have several other advantages. For instance, you don’t need to put on the bedroom lights when your partner or kids are still sleeping. They also have different light settings according to the time of day, so you can get the best look for different settings.



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