Using Patterned Rugs to Add Extra Depth and Appeal to Your Space

Using Patterned Rugs to Add Extra Depth and Appeal to Your Space

Looking for a stylish way to incorporate pattern into your space? Maybe you want to add a transformative touch of luxury to your home?

Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with patterned rugs. They are an excellent way to add visual interest to a space. And they are adaptable to different areas in a home, giving it extra depth and appeal.

The best thing about decorating with rugs is that you can change them often so you can always update your space according to the mood of the moment.

If you don’t know where to begin working with patterned rugs in your home, here are 5 simple but effective tips to get you started.

Dhurrie rug
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Blend Large and Small Scale Patterns

If you want to create an eclectic mix, it is advisable to balance large-scale patterns with smaller ones. This helps to avert a feeling of chaos in your space.

If you are into a colorful and textural Boucherouite rug with a broad pattern, consider pairing it with a leopard-spot or small check. You shouldn’t use something equally striking.

Spacious room in vintage style with two carpets with pattern and bike under posters
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Layer for a Bohemian Look

If you are looking to create a free-spirited, worldly aura, consider layering a few unique flat-weave rugs over one another. Some of the great options for the bohemian styling trick include:

Try mixing rugs of different shapes and sizes to create a more dynamic look and feel. The only trick is to ensure the color schemes of the patterned rugs you choose complement each other.

Colorful patterned rugs in the seating area under the staircase
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Round rug with black and white pattern in front of a beige sofa with decorative pillows in cozy living room
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Consider Natural Fiber

Widely used in traditional homes, natural-fiber rugs are incredibly versatile and durable. But you may not be into a pattern and prefer the laid-back, rustic look of sisal and jute. In that case, try a natural-fiber rug with a charming design such as a diamond or herringbone pattern. This may be a simple addition, but the impact on your room will be huge.

Scandinavian style living room
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Use Large-Scale Graphics To Make a Statement

Nothing will fascinate your guests more than a vibrant, large-scale graphic pattern. Consider incorporating the pattern in a neutral bedroom filled with art or a living room with solid upholstery. Then enrich the fascinating look with art and accessories.

Modern living room with fireplace, sofa, balcony and pattern carpet
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Not Sure Whether to Use Patterned Rugs?

If you’re hesitant about incorporating patterned rugs into your space, consider pairing it with a neutral color. If the rug is bold or colorful-patterned, pair it with an all-white or black room for an impressively chic look.

To add some life to the space, pick a color from your rug and accessorize with it. You can accessorize with books, pillows, or books. With this trick, your rug will certainly shine.  

Blue living room interior with a white couch, grey armchair and marble decorations
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Pillows on grey settee in warm living room interior with painting and fireplace.
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Final thoughts

It can be difficult to incorporate pattern into your space and make it look like it belongs. But patterned rugs make it effortlessly possible. These rugs are an excellent way to inject a healthy dose of visual interest into a space. From bold to subtle and subdued, patterned rugs come in a variety of styles, colors, and scales and provide numerous possibilities for decorating your space.

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