Using Black and White Color Scheme to Create a Stunning, Sophisticated Dining Room

Using Black and White Color Scheme to Create a Stunning, Sophisticated Dining Room

Looking for ideas to craft a dazzling dining space with an inviting ambiance? Then you might want to see the kind of magic a monochrome scheme can do.

The dining room is one of the vital spaces in a home. It is where your family converges to share a meal and have a great time together. As such it should look attractive and inviting. And using black and white can make your dining room stand out.

Here are 30 dining rooms that look spectacular in black and white. Have a look and get inspired on how to design and decorate your own dining space.

This light and white room makes a statement chandelier, geometric ultra modern dining chairs and pops of living green features.
Image Source: Artem Bobrov


This clean design creates diagonal grooves in its wooden floor, cubbies in its silicone chairs and tinted glass in a collective display of hanging pendants.
Image Source: Dekaa


 These unique dining room pendants can easily underscore a colour theme, and this black polished wooden floor, white chiffon curtain and peony bunch combo is no exception.
Image Source: Luigi Rosselli Architects


 Scandinavian style chairs in charcoal
Image Source: Viz Art


A dining room with classic white-brushed floors, clean furniture and a low-hanging light in an unusual shape.
Image Source: Fantastic Frank


Suede chairs and a spider web chandelier match the colours of the kitchen while creating visual focus.
Image Source: Koj Design


Wooden table with charcoal beams
Image Source: Hey Cheese  


Modern dining room
Image Source: Hillam Architects/Dion Photography


Scandinavian style dining room
Image Source: Oliver Wende


A concrete floor binds distressed black rafters, white pod chairs and two dramatic cylindrical chandeliers into a space perfect for entertaining.
Image Source: Deko


The chair legs and pale wooden floor of this classic dining look steal the show amidst pots of clambering green.
Image Source: Potter Kajsa Cramer


Scandinavian school chairs and a large white pendant
Image Source: Petru Pinzaru


Striking black wall is the perfect background for white and wood furniture and a leaning antique mirror.
Image Source: Javier Wainstein


Black suede chairs
Image Source: AR Studio


A golden interior meets concrete floors, mini sculpted hedges and white and wooden chairs for a relaxed space beside the kitchen.
Image Source: HDR Designer


 An array of black pendants dangle over a black and white table, as a minimalist lounge and kitchen area make themselves scarce.
Image Source: 081 Arch


This dining room’s lines separate its unusual bookcase partitions, chair bottoms and diagonally-placed table legs to subvert a classic look.
Image Source: VAE Design Group


Place pops of black in black cubby chairs, ceiling-inserted lights and a large monochrome abstract to make your dining space black and white.
Image Source: Inuti


Drenching kitchen bar stools in white and dining cubby chairs and pendants in black
Image Source: Minimal Architects


An exposed brick wall in a black and white dining.
Image Source: Anthony Kalambet


 A row of magnetic lights cling together, as pops of white frame an eight-seater dining table.
Image Source: Djamal Mustafaev


Modern dining room
Image Source: Przemysław Kuciński


Black and white dining room at a seaside interior
Image Source: Juraj Talcik


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