How to Use Tripod Floor Lamp to Give Your Home a Modern Look

How to Use Tripod Floor Lamp to Give Your Home a Modern Look

Looking for an easy way to accentuate the charm of your space, and give it a modern touch? Then you might want to consider installing a tripod floor lamp.

Most of today’s homeowners prefer pendants and wall sconces, thanks to the fact that these lighting options are great space savers. However, if you have some square footage to spare in your home, a nice tripod floor lamp could be a great investment for you. You know why?

Commonly referred to as floor lamps and desk lamps, tripod lamps are sleek, stylish, and fascinating. They are normally made out of wood or metal, and can easily switch between offering focused illumination and ambient lighting.

Grey sofa and floor lamp against brick wall in the room
Image Source: Africa Studio

What’s more, you can use a tripod lamp as an eye-catching sculptural addition to your space. That said, let’s look at two tips that will help you get the best out of your tripod floor lamp.

Make the Tripod Floor Lamp to Blend In or Stand Out

Tripod lampshades come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also get more innovative styles such as oval lampshades or overly wide lampshades. When it comes to choosing the right tripod lamps for your home, you can take one of the following approaches:

Modern bedroom in gray color and accents on yellow lamp and bedclothes
Image Source: JZhuk
  • Ensure that your tripod floor lamps becomes a part of the existing color scheme.
  • Bring in a contrasting hue using the tripod lamp.

The best approach to take will depend largely on other accessories that already exist in the room. These could be chairs, pendants, accent pillows, etc. Your preferred tripod lamp should complement those accessories. Alternatively, you can simply go with the backdrop hue.

Minimalistic living room interior

Consider Proportionality and Balance

You should realize that the look of your tripod floor lamp plays an integral role in shaping your space. As such, you should understand the specific needs of your room when choosing the best tripod lamp. You need to understand how the lighting fixture will work together with the existing room décor.

Glasses, book and coffee on table in living room interior.
Image Source: Stanisic Vladimir


Modern interior with the contrast between the dark furniture and white walls
Image Source: JZhuk

A tall tripod floor lamp, for instance, looks splendid in a large living room with a high ceiling. Namely, tall tripod lamps are effective in creating visual balance and proportion in high-ceilinged rooms.

Oversize lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly trendy in today’s livings rooms and dining spaces. Unfortunately, you could be disappointed if you try this with a tripod floor lamp. An oversize tripod lamp may end up disrupting the overall appeal of your room.

It is advisable to choose a tripod floor lamp that matches the size of your room. And consider placing it next to the sofa to create that graceful look in your space.

 Air white interior with a stylish pink chair on metal legs and a vintage spotlight
Image Source: JZhuk


Cozy bedroom with blackboard wall, clothes rack and armchair
Image Source:

Final thoughts

Lighting is an integral component of any interior decorating scheme. And besides brightening up a space, lighting can also be used for defining areas, creating a specific mood, and enriching the overall design. Speaking of enriching the design of a space, a tripod floor lamp is an excellent statement piece to have in any space.  Whether you want to add some vintage touch to your space or create a modern aura, you only need to choose the right tripod lamp to light up the space.





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