Trendy Balcony Décor Ideas: Transform Your Dingy Balcony into a Charming Spot

Trendy Balcony Décor Ideas: Transform Your Dingy Balcony into a Charming Spot

Who doesn’t fancy an elegantly decorated balcony that can be an awesomely entertaining, comfy space amidst lush greenery and glistening sunset?

The balcony is the only place in the house where you can enjoy the outdoors without leaving your home. It is a relaxing spot for you and your family. And it can also serve as your home’s focal point, giving your home a charming look from the outside.

Beautiful balcony decor
Image Source: Magda Fischer

Unfortunately, many of us use our balconies as a storeroom. We dump all our daily utilities there. For this article, the purpose is to present you awesome balcony ideas to transform your dingy balcony into a lovely relaxing spot.

Let’s dive in.

Paint the Balcony Walls

There are endless options to fashion your balcony walls and make them blend with the theme of your home décor.

Beautiful black furniture on flowery balcony
Image Source: shoot4pleasure10

If you want to make the area look spacious and brighter, for instance, consider painting the balcony walls with lighter shades. Add a dash of brighter colors here and there to match other elements of the balcony, such as the furniture.

Likewise, if you have placed various plants in the balcony, be sure to paint the walls with similar shades. Wallpapers of similar colors can also do a great job.

Place Elegant Furniture

This is a great idea if you are looking to create an entertaining spot, a barbeque, or a relaxing space on your balcony. If you have a small balcony, a small coffee table and a pair of wicker chairs will work great.

Ornamental plants in a white pot on a white resin table wicker and chair
Image Source: tisomboon


Wicker furniture in modern interior design
Image Source: Annatamila

But if you’re lucky to have a bigger balcony, you can invest in a weatherproof sofa, a cot, or a hammock. You can also install a bird feeder in your balcony. With that, more birds will visit you, making your balcony look and feel blissful!

It is advisable to go for furniture pieces that match your balcony plant containers. And if you want to avoid the prying eyes of the neighbors, consider covering the exposed side of the balcony with vibrant fabrics or weatherproof blinds. The fabrics or blinds should blend well with balcony walls as well as the floor.

Nice and bright living room in grey and white with sofa, big tv, homemade decorations and big balcony windows
Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek


Wicker furniture on veranda balcony in modern interior design
Image Source: Annatamila

Create a Balcony Kitchen Garden

Another wonderful balcony décor idea is to create a small vegetable garden or a flower bed in your balcony. And how do you go about this?

Plant a mixture of herbs, perennials, and seasonal vegetables amidst a well-arranged seating on your balcony. You can even cultivate larger plants by following terrace garden techniques. Be sure to place plants that need plenty of sunlight on raised platforms.

It is also advisable to secure the plants to a firm surface or railing. You don’t want your plants to crash on the ground below or onto your neighbor’s balcony.

Herbs in small pots
Image Source: Franz Peter Rudolf


Beautiful balcony with small table, chair and flowers.
Image Source: Beznika

Make the Flooring Look the Part

You shouldn’t leave the balcony flooring looking unsightly amidst a tastefully decorated space. Consider installing a wooden flooring on your balcony.

Besides giving your balcony a refined look, wooden flooring is also easy to maintain. Rubber flooring, stone flooring, and plastic flooring can also be great options for your balcony.

Having a great flooring not only creates a unified feel in your space but also gives your balcony an elegant look.

Balcony decor
Image Source: Magda Fischer


Gorgeous balcony with beautiful view
Image Source: yurmary

Add a Personal Touch

You want your balcony décor to radiate your personality. But how can you achieve this?

Consider hanging family photos, memorable pictures, wall arts, and other personal stuff in your balcony. Be sure that all of this stuff is weather and waterproof. You can also install a bookshelf on the balcony wall to showcase your favorite books.

Potted spring flowers on a sunny balcony
Image Source: StockOption


 Potted spring flowers and cushions on a sunny balcony in the city
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White flowering pansy (Viola tricolor hortensis) in a hanging pot on a balcony
Image Source: StockOption

Final thoughts

The balcony is an area of the home where we relax and enjoy drinks, read a book, or enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors. You should make your balcony a cozy and lovely space where everyone would love to spend time. And there are numerous balcony décor ideas to help you achieve that. If you don’t know where to start, you can draw inspiration from the five awesome ideas above.



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