Travel-inspired Décor Trends: Bring Styles From Around The World To Your Home

Travel-inspired Décor Trends: Bring Styles From Around The World To Your Home

Did you know you can decorate with items you bought on a vacation? And it is an excellent way to make your home décor personal and customized.

Traveling to various parts of the world can open your eyes to new things and impact on your tastes. And this has given birth to a new décor trend that is rapidly growing in popularity.

People are decorating their homes with stuff bought on holiday. And things that remind them of their favorite trips. 

But you don’t need to travel to get inspiration for your interior design and décor. You can buy furniture, lighting, and other decorative elements that exude the look and feel of destinations you aspire to visit.

And if you have no idea where to start, we present you some awesome travel-inspired décor trends to get you inspired. Let’s get to it.

Buddha and Mala
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Bring Marrakech Aura into Your Home

Marrakech is a destination of choice for many travel enthusiasts. And you can effortlessly translate its culture into your home. All you need to do is fill your home with all kinds of accessories that will deliver a unique feel to the space.

And one of the most effective items when it comes to adding a character is a traditional Moroccan rug. These rugs are a common element in the country. Normally, they feature vibrant colors and fabrics.

Colorful carpets in Marrakesh, Morocco
Image Source: Maciej Czekajewski

Marrakech is also popular for its luxurious lighting options. To replicate this, consider using Moroccan style lamps. They are effective in adding style and character to any room. They can reflect the light in your space to enrich the ambiance.

 Beautiful hotel bedroom with a carved headboard in arabic style
Image Source: Pierre-Yves Babelon


Bedroom interior design with Morccan decor
Image Source: richman21

Draw Inspiration from the Beautiful Delights of Scandinavia

Many travelers tend to avoid Scandinavia when they visit Europe for an extended period of time. They prefer the UK with the belief that it is much warmer. They’re oblivious to the fact that they are missing lots of beautiful delights that Scandinavia, especially Sweden, has to offer.

Sweden is one of the most advanced countries for developing sustainable communities, with low carbon usage properties. This is something you can adapt to your home. All you need to do is add natural elements to your home, which you think will create a homely feel.

Kitchen table with grey chairs in a white kitchen
Image Source: annaia


Open plan scandinavian styled family living room and kitchen
Image Source: Jodie Johnson

Add a Touch of Warmth to Your Floor with Moroccan Tile

Moroccan flooring tiles have intrinsic warmth. And their vibrant colors and patterns exude a charming aura. The tiles are made in Morocco by local artisans using traditional methods. But they still look completely modern.

But how do you incorporate Moroccan tile into your interior as seamlessly as possible?

First, be sure to determine the design and color scheme that suits the design of your space. Then, let the tile stand out. 

Moroccan tiles
Image Source: Wafaa

Keep Your Room Friendly with Photos from Places You’ve Visited

There’s another creative travel-inspired décor trend. And that is to decorate with family photos from various countries you have visited.

For instance, you can make small gallery groupings in your dining room or living space to represent each trip. This is an excellent way to keep the space casual and family-friendly while keeping the memories of your adventures alive.

Wall decoration with photos
Image Source: Victoria 

Final thoughts

There are several ways to decorate with travel-inspired décor pieces. It doesn’t matter whether you are a travel enthusiast or a wannabe nomad. Or you’re just looking to pay homage to your favorite holiday destination.  And this article has explored a few ideas to inspire you on how to add an international feel to your home.



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