Top 5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Add Soft Ambiance to Your Space

Top 5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Add Soft Ambiance to Your Space

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It is the most important space you should get right from a design, decoration, and ambiance point of view. Helping in all of these aspects, lighting is integral. Nonetheless, many homeowners have a problem getting this right. Hence, we present you some great kitchen lighting ideas to inspire you.

Built-in Under Cabinet Lighting

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Under-cabinet lighting is one of the most effective kitchen lighting ideas when it comes to illuminating dark corners when prepping food on the countertop.

It also creates a stunning mood lighting when left on alone at night. So, instead of retrofitting your kitchen cabinets with puck light or light bars, consider fitting under-cabinet lighting into the cabinet boxes themselves. This will create a more lustrous, modern look.

It is also worth noting that built-in under cabinet lighting can be quite expensive. So, if you want to save costs you can go for a self-contained modular unit, which comes in both fluorescent and halogen lighting.

Modern kitchen sink
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Mini Pendants in Clusters

When grouped together in a fascinating arrangement, pendants can make a dramatic statement. You can replace your traditional chandelier with a cluster of mini pendants to serve as a focal-point fixture in your kitchen.

If you are looking for a versatile kitchen lighting idea,  you can adapt this for your space. This is because a group of pendants hung at different heights make a striking visual while also enhancing task light over an island or dining area.

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Stick-on Kitchen Lights

If you are working with a limited budget, here’s one of the top budget-friendly kitchen lighting options for you – stick-on lights. With this kind of lights, you just need to peel off the backing and press the puck-style unit into place.

Stick-on lights are especially useful underneath cabinets to lighten up countertop workspace. They can also do a great job above a sink that has no source of light. You can also use them to brighten dark drawer and cupboard corners.

Modern kitchen interior design in white color with stick on lights
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LED Lighting

If you are looking for energy-efficient kitchen lighting ideas, LED lighting can be a perfect option for you. LED, or light-emitting diode, is a lighting technology that is long-lasting and incredibly energy-efficient. It is now at the forefront of modern kitchen lighting design.

The initial cost of a LED lightbulb may be much higher than incandescent, but the bulb can last about 60,000 hours. That is about seven years of uninterrupted, cool-burning light. Moreover, unlike other kitchen lighting options, applications of LED are almost limitless.

LED options available today include:

  • Ultrathin chandeliers
  • LED rope lighting
  • Flush-mount sconces used as wall art
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Detail of interior - modern kitchen tabletop and ceramic stove
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Eye-catching Kitchen Lamps

You might not think of lamps as a way to lighten up a kitchen. Nonetheless, a lamp can add a subtle radiance and dress up your kitchen décor. If you find it hard to get lamps that won’t take up your counter and shelf space, consider going for lamps designed for children’s rooms.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is an integral feature in any room, serving functions of practicality, aesthetics, and ambiance. However, in no room is lighting more important than in the kitchen. Besides being the heart of the home where we converge with family and friends, a kitchen is also a place that requires sufficient lighting to function efficiently. If you’re looking for inspiration on kitchen lighting ideas to create a modern and charming space, consider the 5 mentioned above.




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