Top 4 Ideas For Renovating Your Home

Top 4 Ideas For Renovating Your Home

Ever since the 1950s, homeowners in America have been dying to try new designs and ideas on how to make their homes unique and fresh in terms of design and aesthetics. Although new imports in the US has brought new materials for kitchen designs and new type of leather for living room designs, there is a small problem with these mainstream designs. They are too expensive or require too much work when setting everything up. So we at Great Idea Hub would like to help you on how you can renovate your home by choosing any of these inexpensive home ideas:

Basements don’t have to be boring

In many homes in America and around the world, basements are usually used for storing dust on old books and many people avoid renovating them because of the lack of sunlight, fresh air and noise from the upper floor. There are many great ideas on how you can transform your basement. You can turn it into a speakeasy, a gaming room and a lot more. Checkout our article for Top Level Basement Ideas

Play room in a white basement living room
Image Source: Iriana Shiyan


Contemporary interior, living room with a snooker table
Image Source:

Having your own indoor garden

Audrey Hepburn, known for her beauty and elegance once quoted “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. Well this is true for your living space as well, we believe that any room without a plant is just a box of walls. Having a plant or plants in your living room not only brings a peace of mind but is an inexpensive way of brining style and good looks to your home. Our article on growing indoor trees can help you choice the right tree for the right room.

Beautiful apartment, interior, living room
Image Source: Alexandre Zveiger


Light, new style living room with white coomode, armchair, small table and decorative houseplants
Image Source:

Throw away your old shelves

Wall shelfs are not “just shelves”, they are a perfect small detail that can turn your boring old library into a a stylish reading room. Shelves are really easy to setup there are thousands of styles available for you to choice. Shelves are the first thing that people change when they are renovating their home. You can read our top 5 shelves ideas by clicking here.

Spacious home interior in white with sofa and wooden furniture
Image Source:


Modern interior of living room with black sofa and chest of drawers
Image Source: Vadim Andrushchenko

Get yourself a shoe storage

Shoe storage is a must in any home, having a shoe storage can drastically improve your open space on your entrance. Shoe storages are also very inexpensive and are very easy to make on your own. You can learn more about shoe storages by reading our article: Shoe Storage Made Simple: How to Easily Organize Your Shoes

shoe storage
Image Source: IKEA

These are our top 4 picks on how you can change the look and design of your home for cheap. If you have any other ideas you can write us a suggestion in the comment section bellow this post.

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