The best colors for your bedroom

The best colors for your bedroom

The bedroom is a very personal place of a home. As such, the color you choose for your bedroom should not only enrich its look but also make you feel comfortable. It should give you a different feeling whenever you step into the room.

According to color psychology, the colors that surround us influence our behaviors and moods in different ways. Colors influence various subtle aspects of our experience, such as how warm or cold a room feels.

Decorating your home with the principles of color psychology in mind will help you create the perfect place for any occasion, including sleep. In the light of that, let’s explore some of the best colors for a bedroom that you can choose from:

Cherry Red

If you want a color that will help you wake up easily every morning, you can’t go wrong with cherry-red. This adventurous color is known for its ability to revitalize. It works best when paired with rich woods and other warm tones.

Consider adding textiles such as Indian textiles to add dashes of red. You can even choose to go all out with a coat of crimson paint.

Red wall in interior
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Nothing can be as calming as cool ocean hues. Aqua is effective in creating a tranquil environment. To get the best of its impact, try pairing it with crisp white linen and lots of natural light. You can also add some antiques and warm woods if you don’t want the room to feel too cold or beachy.

Beautiful bright bedroom with and aqua colored wall
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Beautiful teen room decor


Yellow has an instant refreshing effect, especially when you step into the bedroom after a long, tiresome day. This sunny and happy color also has a magical effect during those mornings when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

It works well with other hues from nature, such as a cherry-red bedside table or a grassy green ceramic lamp.

Yellow bedroom decor
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White and yellow bedroom interior
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If you want a calm and sophisticated aura in your bedroom, gray won’t disappoint. You can choose a rich charcoal or a subtle off-white tone. Either way, the shade serves as a neutral and makes elements such as art and colorful bedding stand out.

Cozy bedroom in grey tones
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Black may not sound like a good color for a bedroom, but it is effective in creating a comfy and elegant space. One great way to use this moody hue in your bedroom is by creating an accent wall. Alternatively, you can encase the whole space in black, breaking up the dark expanses with art and elements to keep it from feeling like a cave.

Black accent wall
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Minimalist bedroom interior
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Icy Blue

Nothing beats the color of the sky on a crisp, clear day when it comes to creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance in a space. It is the best bedroom color if you are looking for something somewhat more colorful than gray but not something too dark. Consider going for a light blue with just a dash of gray. You want to avoid a pastel blue, which more suited for a nursery.

Icy blue walls give freshness to this bedroom
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Final thoughts

Besides enriching the look and feel of your space, the color of your bedroom can also affect your sleep patterns as well your subsequent mood. Colors can be soothing or very intense. When decorating your bedroom, you want to choose a color that will be relaxing and make you feel comfortable. Some of the colors for a bedroom include red, aqua, yellow, grey, blue, and black. Be sure the colors you choose blend in well with the overall color scheme of your home décor.


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