Summer Décor Ideas to Add Summer Flare To Your Home

Summer Décor Ideas to Add Summer Flare To Your Home

Looking for ideas to bring the feel of summer into your home?

Summer comes with opportunities to freshen up your home. And decorating for the season is fun and exciting. Take advantage of the summer sun and create a cool place that will impress your family and friends.

Let’s look at some creative summer decorating ideas you can adapt to brighten up your home.

Summer decor
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Use Light Colored Slip Covers

Summer décor is normally associated with light pastel colors, which radiate a warm relaxing aura in your home. Hence, you need to brighten up your space by using whites, ivories, and other light hues.

Dining room chairs with yellow slip covers
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One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by using light-colored slipcovers to lighten up your furniture. Besides providing an extra protection to your seats, it is also an easy way to brighten up your furnishings.

You might also want to consider exchanging your dark-colored winter throw pillows with light pastel ones. Floral designs can also work great.

Modern living room with set of pillows on sofa
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Modern living room interior
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Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning will help you get rid of any winter clutter that has accumulated in your home. Many of us collect stuff without even realizing it. And before long, your home becomes choked with unnecessary stuff that could begin to make it look somewhat unsightly.

Discard items that you no longer need and open up your home. This will create a relaxing summer atmosphere in your home.

Use the Right Window Treatment

Bright yellow curtains in living rooom
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Modern living room interior design
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If you want to keep the summer sun at bay and bring in the cool night breeze, you should invest in curtains instead of drapery. Namely, drapery material is heavy and dark. But curtains coupled with sheers provides versatile flexibility during summer.

And if you love to behold the views, valances would be a great choice. Be sure the valances have summer textures and colors. You want your windows to look finished, with an unobstructed view.

Incorporate Coastal Accessories

Beach interior decor: sea shells and lanterns on the wooden coffee table
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The coastal style works well with summer décor. Using shells is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this style into your home décor. For example, you can use fairly large shells in glass jars and vignettes

The shells bring some feel of the beach to your home. Another great way to bring some coastal touch to a room is by adding some sand to a mason jar.

Mason jars also do a great job in outdoor entertaining. Consider using one with citronella liquid in it. This is not only beautiful but also helps to keep bugs at bay.

Marine Interior. White sofa and table.
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Stylish grey living room with nautical decorations and trendy wall plaster
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Bring in the Outdoors

Summer is largely about the feelings of the outdoors. Invests in plants, flowers, and fresh fruit centerpieces. This not only gives your space an organic charm but also makes your home smell aromatic.

Consider bringing in eco-friendly materials like hemp, bamboo, and jute area rugs to create a rustic feel. These materials are effective in adding an exotic and natural aura of the outdoors to your interior. To enrich the natural feel in your home, you should face your furniture towards your pool, lush green yard, or ocean view.

Pouf and brown carpet in spacious bright dining room with lamp above table and chairs
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Soothing gray and blue color palette for balanced bedroom in cozy flat interior with plants and natural accessories
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Final thoughts

Summer decorating should be inclined towards adding freshness to your home without stressing you with more projects during an already busy season. And it gives you an opportunity to lighten up the fabrics and colors in your home. There are numerous ways to decorate for summer. You can start by using light-colored slipcovers for your furniture, using curtains paired with sheers, incorporating coastal accessories, and adding some greenery to your home.



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