Living in Studio Apartments: Can You Live Comfortably?

Living in Studio Apartments: Can You Live Comfortably?

Studio apartments offer affordable urban living. Close to amenities and quite affordable, they are ideal for students, couples, and bachelors. They are generally one-room apartments with a shared living and sleeping area.

Studio apartments normally have a small kitchenette, in addition to a smaller bathroom area that generally has a shower along with a basin. But, can studio apartments offer a comfortable living?

Of course, yes! However, there are several things you have to get right in order to maximize the space in your studio apartment and create a serene living environment.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how to arrange studio apartments in a bid to create a comfortable living space. Before we talk about that, let’s look at some of the reasons why a studio apartment can be a great choice for you.

Modern studio apartment with kitchenette and living room
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Benefits of Studio Apartments

Cost Effective

If you are looking for the most affordable living, then consider studio apartments. They are the cheapest housing option you can find. Before you finalize the lease on that one or two bedroom apartment, it will be wise to consider if it wouldn’t be worth it to live a bit tightly if you can save a considerable amount of money out of it.

You Have Everything in The Same Room

Nothing can be annoying than when you sit down to watch your favorite program then realize you left your coffee in the kitchen. This doesn’t happen in studio apartments. In a studio, you don’t have to walk across the entire house to get something you have forgotten. You can normally just reach over and pick it.

 Interior studio apartments, with bookshelves and hardwood floors.
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Cleaning is Quite Easy

Every cleaning task, be it dishes, vacuuming, or laundry, is all reduced thanks to your living space being physically small. So, you have less space to keep a lot of stuff that needs regular cleaning.

Likewise, multi-tasking is extremely easy with a studio apartment. With all of your stuff in one room and within reach, cleaning, cooking, and even watching TV can all be done without having to leave the room.

Opportunity to Live in Better Parts of Town

If you want to live in the cooler parts of town, but you have a limited budget a studio apartment can come in handy. Choosing a studio apartment means you could be able to afford to live in the trendy of parts of the city and be within walking distance of your workplace, local businesses, and recreational places.

Now that you know why a studio apartment can make a great housing option for you, let’s look at how to arrange your studio apartment in order to get the most out of it.

How to Arrange Studio Apartments

With the following tips, you can be able to maximize the space in your studio apartment and create a comfortable living environment:

Prioritize the Bed

The bed is often the largest piece of furniture in studio apartments. While the bed should not dominate the entire space in your studio, its placement is key in determining the placement of all the other furniture pieces.  

In some studio apartments, there is only one area where you can place a bed. However, in a case where you’ve got options, your main goal should be to place your bed in such a way that you can have some privacy when sleeping. Be sure it is not immediately visible from the front door.

If there is a little nook or secluded corner in your studio, that’s the perfect spot.

Studio apartment
Image Source: Victor Zastol’skiy

Can Creating a secluded ‘bedroom’ Work for You?

If you are the kind of people who find it hard to fall asleep in a somewhat open space, you can consider separating your sleeping area from the rest of the apartment. How can you achieve this?

You can use a bookcase, a curtain, or a folding screen. However, this idea works better for studio apartments that are at least 400 square feet compared to smaller studios.

If you live in a smaller apartment but still want to hide your bed, consider hanging a curtain that just hides a few feet of the bed. This will create the feeling of a separate space without breaking up the entire room.

Studio apartment with bookshelf
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Arrange The Rest of The Furniture According to Size and Importance

You should give priority to the biggest and most important things. In most studio apartments, the sofa is the second thing to be laid out. However, if you are not looking to entertain visitors and want to spend most of your time working at home, for instance, then a desk can be your second most important thing.

Interior of contemporary studio for young person
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What about the Kitchen Area?

You can combine the kitchen and dining area. If you don’t want to waste space with a dining table, a kitchen island or a bar can be a great alternative. You can also consider investing in expandable or folding tables.

The aim is to make your kitchen as simple and practical as possible. If your kitchen has an awfully limited counter and storage space, a kitchen cart can really come in handy.

Kitchen in studio apartment
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Interior studio apartments, a general plan
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Create Storage Space Above Other Furnishings

When it comes to creating storage space in studio apartments, wall mounted shelves are great since you can fix them above other things, such as a dresser or a desk. In this way, they will take up absolutely no floor space.

Numerous things that you would naturally put in dressers or cabinets can be kept above the kitchen cabinets. You can also store them on high shelves. Either way, this will open up the floor for other, more important items.

Scandinavian decor in studio apartment
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Design of a modern home kitchen in rustic style. Black wall with shelves, trays, jars, mugs, sink.
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Avoid Over-working Your Studio

Not all studio apartments need to have a designated living area, dining area, and workspace. What’s the use of a dining table if you normally eat all your meals sitting on the couch?

Likewise, if you rarely work at home, a desk is not really necessary. You should carefully evaluate your lifestyle and create a home with stuff you really can’t live without, as opposed to the things you just think you need.

Final thoughts

Studio apartments are a great housing option for many people. Their compact design makes clean, maintenance, and multi-tasking easy. However, they could also present their owners with some challenges, especially when it comes to laying them out for a comfortable living. This doesn’t mean that you can’t create a serene living environment in a studio apartment. You just need the right ideas and strategy, like the ones outlined above, and you’ll be able to get the best out of your studio apartment.




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