Studio Apartment Decoration: Never Make These 7 Mistakes

Studio Apartment Decoration: Never Make These 7 Mistakes

Looking for studio apartment decorating ideas? You have landed at the right place.

If you are living in one space that serves as a kitchen, living room, and as a sleeping area, you have to be creative when it comes to interior decorating. You need to be organized and meticulous.

If you want your studio apartment to look good and feel welcoming, there are certain things you have to do and there are definitely certain things that you need to avoid.

In the light of that, we present you 7 common mistakes that people make when decorating small spaces, including studio apartments, and how you can fix them.

Shall we start?

Lack of Planning

It is always advisable to sit down with a floor plan of your studio apartment and some scale furniture to test layouts. Multifunctional furniture is normally recommended.

You should experiment with various layout ideas to see which layout works for you the best. Your first furniture arrangement instincts may not be the perfect one. Likewise, the most effective solution may not come to you without some serious planning, first.

Small studio apartment interior
Image Source: Design-Homes

Treating the Studio Apartment as One Room

You may be tempted to treat your small space as one open room instead of dividing it up into even smaller spaces.

Dividing your studio up in smaller spots will help maximize the space and promote sanity. You can use rugs or room dividers to delineate spaces for sleeping, entertainment, dining, working from, etc. Consider going for pieces of furniture that can serve multiple functions, such as a desk that can also serve as a dining table.

Another brilliant idea for maximizing space in your studio apartment is to tuck 1-2 ottomans under a console table. You can pull them out into the space whenever you need more seating for your guests.

Using Conflicting Patterns

The major challenge in decorating a studio apartment is preventing the space from feeling cluttered. You should realize that your space will certainly feel more cluttered when you decorate it with conflicting colors with no streamlined color composition. So, how do you avoid this mistake?

Simply add one accent piece with your preferred pattern and switch up its style for more variety. Also, you can consider repeating one pattern. This normally tricks the eye, making a room look more spacious.

Scandinavian open floor plan apartment with winter interior design and natural wooden decor
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Underestimating Natural Light

Natural light plays an integral role in decorating a small studio apartment. In order to maximize the natural light effect, place mirrors on opposite walls from your windows. This will reflect and spread the light.

Instead of blocking sunlight, consider using sheer privacy curtains or woven blinds to simply filter it. If the natural light rays filtering into your room are limited, consider having light colors for your paint hues and dominant furniture to liven the overall mood.

Studio apartment panoramic view
Image Source: Christian Hillebrand

Failure to Utilize Wall Space

Mounting storage fixtures on the wall is a brilliant way to open up a small space. For instance, you can invest in a commuter bike rack that can mount onto the wall. This will open up the floor of your studio apartment.

Moreover, you can add curtains and mirrors to the walls. This creates the illusion of a much spacious room.

Using out-of-proportion Furniture

This does not mean that you have to use extra-small pieces of furniture for your small space. It means that you should consider proportions when making your design decisions. A large, wall-to-wall sectional, for instance, may look better in a small room than an addition small love seat. You know why?

Small seating might highlight the fact that the space is small, whereas a large sofa may well make it feel comfortable. Likewise, a petite square dining table could look better in a small dining area when it provides extra room to squeeze around it.

Gray and white apartment in scandinavian style with cozy living room
Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek

Leaving the Bed Out in The Open

When it comes to decorating a studio apartment, it is not wise to just place your bed right out in the space. Consider creating a visual separation by making a bed nook with wallpaper, or cabinets. This will make your sleeping area feel like a room within a room.

Another brilliant idea to create visual separation is to use a folding screen or a bookcase as a room divider.

Image Source: Christian Hillebrand

Final Thoughts

Studio apartments can be difficult to decorate. This is attributed to the fact everything is essentially all in one open room. Often times, this small space has to accommodate a number of different activities, such as cooking, sleeping, entertainment, as well as an office space. So, you need to be careful when decorating a studio apartment. There are several things that you should avoid, the most common of which are highlighted above.



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