Incorporate String Lights into Your Summer Garden Party Décor

Incorporate String Lights into Your Summer Garden Party Décor
Outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard
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Looking to spice up your garden for the fast approaching summer party season?

There are numerous ideas to accomplish that. But adding a set of string lights or two is perhaps the easiest and the least expensive. Whether you go for lights that are somewhat kitschy or decorative string lights that add some touch of your style to your garden, you’re to have an attractive space for an awesome summer garden party.

Besides being stylish, string lights are also completely functional. Here are some amazing ideas for incorporating string lights into your garden for a perfect summer party.

String lights above modern backyard patio
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Across a Patio

If you want to truly make a big statement with string lights, then you should consider hanging them across your patio.

Attach the string lights in a zigzag pattern across your garden. How do you accomplish that?

Use anchor points such as a rooftop or fence. Some strategically placed wooden poles can also do a great job. If you are endowed with an expansive garden, you can use the lights to break up the space, creating different areas.

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Beautiful front yard with string lights
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Around a Tree

You can also wrap the trees in your garden with string lights. This is another beautiful way to add some sparkle to your garden summer party.

If you love simplicity, wrapping just one tree would be enough for you. Otherwise, you can wrap several trees in your garden. White lights are recommended for a stylish look.

You can add some other decorative elements on the strings once you have wrapped the trees.

Tree decorated with lights
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An Outdoor Dinner Celebration Long Table Setting
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Create a Chandelier

When it comes to decorating with string lights, you need to really exploit your creative juices. One of the creative ways to use string lights is by creating a chandelier look. But how do you make that happen?

Simply hang the lights from a canopy or gazebo in straight lines. Consider hanging each line of lights at different heights. This will create a more dramatic feel.

This can look especially spectacular over an outdoor dining area.

Preparation for dinner with cheese, red wine in the evening
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Create an Artwork

You can group the lights together and hang them all in one spot. The result will be an awesome little piece of art. Consider using the lights to create a pattern.

Alternatively, line them up in rows for an outstanding visual effect. Spelling out a special summer party message with the lights can also be a great piece of art.

Wedding ceremony evening with candles and lamps in the coniferous pine forest
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Light Up the Background

You don’t have to make the string lights stand out from the rest of the summer party décor. You can drape them across a wall or plants to create an attractive but subtle background touch to your garden party. Another great idea is to pile the lights into a see-through bucket to create an eye-catching lantern.

Beautiful patio decor
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Final thoughts

String lights are versatile and fabulous. They are one of the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive ways to spice up your garden for a summer party. And there are several ways to incorporate them into your summer garden party décor.  You can hang the string lights across a patio, wrap them around a tree, create a chandelier, make an artwork, and so much more.

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