How to Position Your Standing Lamps to Achieve the Best Effect

How to Position Your Standing Lamps to Achieve the Best Effect

Standing lamps are one of the excellent ways to add charm and color to a room. They come in a variety of colors. And each color represents a different mood.

However, the key to achieving the desired mood in your room lies in how you position your standing lamp. In the light of that, we present you a guide on how to best position these designer floor lamps in the various rooms in your home.

Modern interior of living room
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Modern living room interior with white floor lamp
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Let’s dive in.

How to Position Standing Lamps in the Living Room

You can place a standing lamp anywhere in the living room. Nonetheless, there are a few points to consider when deciding where to place the lamp.

First, you should avoid areas with high foot traffic. You don’t want people to trip over your standing lamp. You also have the freedom to use more than one standing lamp.

Modern interior design of living room with sofa,shelf, rug and floor lamp
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Modern interior of apartment, living room with sofa
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In fact, a pair of standing lamps is effective in creating a bold statement. For instance, you can place one at each end of a couch.

It is also advisable to consider where the light will fall. If you want the lamp to cast light in the middle of a room, consider placing it in the corner of the room.

You may also to create a fascinating mood lighting in your living room. In this case, you can use standing lamps to cast shadows over parts of the room instead of having flat lighting created by only an overhead light.

Modern living room and open kitchen with a trendy color scheme
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Modern living room and kitchen
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You should be strategic when positioning standing lamps. For instance, you should place the lamps behind the television in order to minimize the glare from the TV screen.

Likewise, if you want to avert eye strain when reading, consider placing a standing lamp next to your reading chair. Be sure the bottom of the lampshade is at eye level.

How to Position Standing Lamps In the Bedroom, Dining Room, etc.

You can also use standing lamps in other areas of your home such bedroom, study room, and dining room. In the study, these lamps are mainly used as task lighting. So you can place a standing lamp either over the desk for work or beside an armchair for reading.

In the bedroom, the position for a standing lamp will depend largely on the physical space and your vision. For instance, you can place it beside a tall house plant. The lamp will cast light over the leaves, creating a dramatic look.

Material pouf on floor and lamp in modern bedroom
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Modern scandinavian style bedroom
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In the dining room, you can use standing lamps to create a warm, intimate space to hold a friendly conversation. These lamps can also do a wonderful job at highlighting a beautiful piece of art in your room. It is advisable to choose a standing lamp that matches the size of the space.

Final thoughts

Standing lamps present you opportunities for creating the right mood and ambiance in your home. They are portable and available in a vast selection of styles and colors. They can help you enhance the overall look of your space and reflect your personality. But all of these depend on how you position the lamps in your room. And that’s where this article comes in handy. It helps you know how best to position standing lamps in various rooms of your home.



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