Spice Up Your Kitchen with the Right Spice Rack

Spice Up Your Kitchen with the Right Spice Rack

One of the most frustrating moments in the kitchen is when you can’t find that spice container when you need it. This usually happens when you have spice containers scattered all over the place. If you normally have this experience, then you might want to consider buying a spice rack.

A spice rack helps in kitchen organization. It is a great space saver that ensures you conveniently have all of your spices in one location. It makes your kitchen look good and uncluttered.

Spice racks are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. The various types include in-cabinet spice racks, in-drawer spice racks, wall-mounted or magnetic spice racks, and free-standing spice racks.

But how do you know if a spice rack is suitable for you and your kitchen? Here, we look at the main factors to consider in order to choose the best kitchen spice rack for your needs.

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You want your spices to maintain their flavor and freshness. Generally, spices should be kept in a cool, dark area, free from moisture.

So, it is imperative that you choose your location carefully. And find a spice rack that is well-suited for that location. A cabinet could be the only place in your kitchen that has the right storage conditions for spices.

In that case, you should consider buying an in-cabinet spice rack. Similarly, if you have a free counter that is away from direct sunlight and other heat sources, a countertop rack could be your best bet.

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Your budget could be the main factor that determines your decision on what spice rack to buy. And if you are working with a limited budget, you might want to consider purchasing a plastic spice rack. You can get a good one for under $20.

If you are not tight on budget, however, you can get more durable spice racks, made from solid wood, stainless steel, etc. at prices between $30 and $80.

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You need to be sure your preferred spice rack rightly fits the location you have chosen. This is especially important for in-cabinet and in-drawer cabinets. In fact, a fraction of an inch can make a whole lot of difference.

You might prefer a free-standing spice rack but you don’t have enough counter space. In this case, you should consider buying a rack that is taller than it is wide. These units normally carry the most spices while occupying the least space on your countertop compared to other types of racks.

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Most spice racks are constructed from either metal, wood, or plastic. If you want the most durable and timeless spice rack, then you should go for one made of solid wood. But you should be ready to pay more for it. If you opt for a metal spice rack, be sure it is well-coated so that it doesn’t rust due to the moisture in the kitchen.

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Spice Rack Capacity

How many jars of spice do you intend to keep in your spice rack?

There are small spice racks that hold not more than 10 jars. Likewise, there are large units designed to accommodate at least 70 containers.

So you should consider how many different types of spices and seasoning jars you have and choose the right capacity.

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Final thoughts

Spice racks play an integral role in keeping your kitchen organized. They also add to the style of the space. There are many types and designs of spice racks available on the market today. You need to choose one that is well-suited for your kitchen design and spice storage needs. So you should consider the design, size, location, cost, and the capacity of the spice rack in order to find the perfect one.



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