Should You Invest in a Sofa Sleeper or Not?

Should You Invest in a Sofa Sleeper or Not?

If you have limited space in your home, you could be worrying about a guest room. You don’t have to worry. Simply invest in a good sofa sleeper, which can deliver all the necessary space you need for your guest.

As a wise shopper, however, you don’t pick stuff randomly by just looking at its price. You should ponder about several things before you decide to buy something. You should evaluate its benefits and drawbacks to determine if it is actually worth the money.

In the light of that, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a sofa sleeper to help you determine if it is a good investment for you.

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The Advantages of Sofa Sleeper


Sofa sleepers are popular largely for their multi-functionality. A sleeper sofa can be a great choice if you are limited on space and want to add something that meets your multiple needs. It is especially a valuable piece of furniture for apartment dwellers or people sharing a flat.

In addition to saving space, a quality sleeper sofa will also give you optimum comfort. If your home is small but you have a big family, this space-efficient furniture is a great investment. If you’re looking for a space-saving multi-functional piece of furniture in your child’s room, children sofa sleepers are a perfect choice.

Besides serving as a bed and sofa, they also have enough space at the bottom to serve as a playing area.

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Wide Range of Styles and Sizes

Sofa sleepers are available in a vast variety of designs and styles. So you can easily find one that blends in perfectly with your current home design and décor. If your home is traditional style, for instance, you don’t have to change its look to accommodate a contemporary-style sleeper sofa. There is a vast selection of traditional-style sofa sleepers to match your home interior.

When it comes to size, sofa sleepers come in several different sizes to suit your needs. It is also worth noting that the open-and-closing mechanism of sofa sleepers vary between styles. It is advisable to choose a sofa sleeper that has a simple click-clack operating system.

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More Viable Option

There are several options when it comes to choosing space-saving sleeping methods. However, a sleeper sofa is a far better option compared to other solutions, such as using a futon or spreading an inflatable mattress on the floor.  

Compared to a futon, a sofa sleeper is an inclusive piece of furniture, which can make your room look complete. Moreover, a sofa sleeper’s comfort level is superior to other sleeping solutions.

Now, let’s look at the shortcomings of a sofa sleeper.

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Disadvantages of Sofa Sleepers


A sofa sleeper can be huge in size and heavy in weight since it serves multiple functions. It can be cumbersome to carry home from the store. Moreover, most couriers just deliver to the ground floor of apartments or to your home’s front door. It advisable to choose a 2-man delivery service if one is provided by your dealer. This would make things easier for you.

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Operating Mechanism

The sofa sleeper’s convertible mechanism may give you problems when transforming it from a sofa into a bed. These mechanisms are also prone to break down due to improper or excessive use, or poor handling during delivery.

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Comfort level

A sofa sleeper may be more comfortable compared to other sleeping options, but it can’t beat the comfort of a regular bed. If you will be using it often, consider buying a sofa sleeper with built-in mattress.

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Final thoughts

A sofa sleeper is a multi-functional piece of furniture that will serve you as a sofa, give you the comfort of a bed, and most importantly save you space. However, it is advisable to determine if it is value for money by fulfilling your needs. So, you should evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of sofa sleepers in order to understand whether it is a worthy purchase or not, and this article comes in handy.



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