What Makes a Quality and Comfortable Sofa Bed?

What Makes a Quality and Comfortable Sofa Bed?

If you’ve ever spent an uncomfortable night on a friend’s fold-out couch, then you will understand the significance of a good sofa bed.

For the uninitiated, a sofa bed is a piece of furniture that can serve both as a sofa and a bed. When you want to use it as a bed, all you need to do is to pull out the bed from under the sofa and you have a bed ready for sleeping.


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Modern sofa beds are stylishly designed and easily transform into very cozy beds. Moreover, they are economical compared to what you would spend were you to buy a sofa and a bed separately. Sofa beds are a great investment if you have kids as they normally love them for sleepovers.

However, choosing the right sofa bed can be difficult. Hence, we present you several things to look for in a sofa bed in order to get the best one in terms of quality and comfort.

The Sofa Bed’s Main Purpose

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You should realize that most sofa beds are less comfortable compared to standard sofas and conventional beds. Hence, if you plan to use yours largely for sitting and will only use it as a bed occasionally, it is advisable for the sofa part to be very comfortable. Conversely, if it will be mostly used as a bed, be sure to get the most comfortable mattress.

The Open-and-Close Mechanism

A good sofa bed should have a mechanism that lifts up and out in single smooth motion without sticking or squeaking. You should go for pieces designed with a lock-down bar. You know why?

It ensures proper closure and easy opening. Take a closer look to make sure the opening mechanism is perfectly put together, and components won’t break or come loose easily.

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Smooth Edges Every Inner Mechanism

It is imperative that all parts of a sofa bed’s inner mechanism have smooth edges. You don’t want your sheets and blankets to snag and tear as a result. When you’re using sofa beds in your home, it is always advisable to remove blankets and sheets before closing the unit. This will prevent the alignment on various parts from shifting.

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Sofa Bed Mattress

The mattress is what makes the difference between various sofa beds. Since it folds, a sofa bed’s mattress should not be as solid as a regular mattress. Let’s look at the three main types of mattresses for sofa beds:

  • Innerspring mattress: These mattresses have coils inside and the more the coils, the better the mattress. A good innerspring mattress should have about 644 coils.
Inside look of an Innerspring mattress
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  • Memory Foam Mattress: These mattresses have no coils inside and can conform to your body. They are the most recommended.
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  • Air-coil Mattress: Quite similar to memory foam, this mattress features an innerspring mattress with an air mattress placed on top.
The inside of an Air-coil Mattress
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The sofa Bed’s Size

It is imperative that you measure your preferred sofa bed before you finalize the purchase. You should find out what the measurements will be when it is fully opened. Note that it requires at least as much room as a regular bed when fully opened.

Moreover, any pieces of furniture that you plan to place in front of it should be light and easy to move around. You should be able to easily move them out of the way before you open your sofa bed.

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Always Test Your Sofa Bed before Purchase

You should never feel embarrassed about testing out any furniture in the store. It is not a small investment you are making. As such, you should lay on the mattress and simulate various sleeping positions to test the comfort.

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Retract the bed so you can feel the weight and smoothness of the mechanism. Lastly, sit on the sofa with the bed folded up. That way you can determine how the sofa feels to sit on.

Final thoughts

A sofa bed is an important piece of furniture for any household looking to have proper sleeping space for guests but doesn’t have a guest room. Yet, we all know that poor quality sofa beds, no matter how cheap they are, is a bad purchase. Hence, it is imperative to keep the above factors in mind when shopping for sofa beds in order to choose the right ones in terms of quality and comfort.



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