Used Small Travel Trailers: Are They A Worthy Buy?

Used Small Travel Trailers: Are They A Worthy Buy?

While there has been an evolution in travel trailers in regards to getting larger, there are still many camping enthusiasts who prefer small travel trailers. One could just go motorhomes hire with, but many prefer buying a small trailer that they can use any time. But why would someone choose a small travel trailer when some nice big trailers are so readily available in today’s market?

There are several answers to that question. First, if you have an awfully low towing capacity, a small travel trailer is all you can get by with. Moreover, if you love to travel economically, a small trailer can be a great way to that end. With a small travel trailer, you can sleep in your own bed, prepare your own meals, and pull over while traveling and have a comfortable place to take a nap.

If you have storage constraints, a small travel trailer is an ideal option. It is not only easy to store but also easy to tow.

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Whatever the reason you might have for choosing a small travel trailer, they normally don’t come cheap. However, you have the option of buying a used small travel trailer. Used small trailers have several advantages over their new counterparts.

Shall we look at the advantages?

Benefits of Buying Used Small Travel Trailers


The most straightforward benefit of buying a used travel trailer is that you will pay less for it compared to buying a new unit. Normally, there are significant cost savings when buying used small travel trailers, especially when purchasing a unit that is at least two years older.

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Namely, you will avoid the depreciation that is associated with buying new. You will also pay lower license and registration fees, as well as lower insurance premiums.

One thing you should remember is to look for a pre-owned unit that is old enough to be affordable, but not so old that you are going to spend a fortune on it in terms of maintenance. A travel trailer that is over five years old will have less wear and tear and most of the facilities you will get on new units. However, older smaller travel trailers normally don’t come with a warranty.

The Value of Used

If you’re shopping for your first travel trailer, buying used makes lots of sense. It allows you to start adventuring with small travel trailers at an affordable price that taking on a more expensive new model.

As the saying goes: the first RV is never the right one. The small travel trailer that looked agile in the showroom starts to feel cramped a month into summer. A used travel trailer allows you to sort out floor plans and get to enjoy life on the road without straining your finances on a new unit.

You should also consider the nature of your travels when weighing between buying a new or pre-owned travel trailer. If you will mostly be traveling to nearby campsites, plus a few week-long trips, a used small travel trailer can be a worthy investment.

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There is quite a lot of research available on older small travel trailers. This will help you make an informed decision on which model to choose. Whether they are reviews from owners with loads of experience with a particular model or learning about the strengths and shortcomings regarding the engine, layout, and more, you can easily get the information you need. Conversely, it is not easy to find information on newer small travel trailers.

Besides the numerous benefits, used small travel trailers are not without a few drawbacks. For instance, you may need more money to maintain a used unit and it may not deliver the desired level of performance. Sometimes, you may buy a used trailer thinking that it is cheap but you end spending too much on repairs, which makes the overall cost higher compared to buying a newer unit. Moreover, it may be difficult to find the perfect second-hand travel trailer that fits all your needs.

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Final thoughts

Small traveler trailers are a great investment to camping enthusiasts, especially those with small families. Buying used can help you save lots of money when compared to buying new. It is especially a wise decision for those shopping for their first travel trailer. Besides being cheap, buying a used small travel trailer has several other advantages as outlined above.



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