4 Surefire Tips to Make the Most of Your Small Desk Space

4 Surefire Tips to Make the Most of Your Small Desk Space

Is your workspace small and clutter-prone? Are you looking for easy, cheap ways to make the most of your small desk space?

There is no doubt that a poorly organized,  cramped, and an uncomfortable workspace has a negative effect on your productivity and efficiency. However, designing and maintaining an organized desk is something achievable.

So, let’s look at a few easy ways to maximize your small desk space, which will help reduce your stress levels and improve your efficiency.

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Keep Daily-use Items Closer To You

According to David Allen of Getting Things Done, you should think of your workspace as a cockpit. Namely, all the controls should be easily accessible as required. This allows for maximum focus on the task at hand, quick over-viewing of pending work, and easy ad-hoc processing of all forms of communication.

You should group items nearest to you into two groups:

  • Permanent items that you use on a regular basis, such as the computer, reference materials, and supplies.
  • Transit/Incomplete stuff, such as your inbox.

The idea behind this arrangement is to keep only those items you use every day at arm’s reach. The stuff you use occasionally can be kept off the surface of your desk but within reach, such as in a desk drawer. You can keep everything else in walking distance.

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Hide What You Can

Another brilliant way to keep your small desk clutter free is to hide things in plain sight. Here’s how to go about it:

Hide things under the desk or behind your monitor

The back of your monitor makes a great spot for hidden storage for both your most used and occasionally used stuff. You can attach your pens, external hard drives, index cards, and more there. You can also mount a keyboard tray under your desk, to further declutter your workspace.

Use a Folder in The Filing Cabinet for Inbox

If you have a small desk, you don’t have to use the traditional tray on your desk for your action items. Using a folder in your filing cabinet is a better idea. Alternatively, you can attach those folders to the side of your desk to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Utilize Closed Storage and Tame Your Cables

Consider hiding peripherals and supplies in closed cabinets to keep things off your desk. Cable clutter can be an eyesore even in the case of a larger workspace. There are numerous DIY cable management solutions out there, including binder clips, rain gutters, and eye hooks. Just do some research to find the best solution to keep those cables from crowding your small desk space.

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Find Ways To Make Your Small Desk Space Look Bigger

Sometimes, a simple interior décor upgrade can make a small workspace look larger. For instance, proper use of lighting or shifting to a room with lots of windows can make your workspace feel less crowded. Another great space-enhancing idea is to change the wallpaper to your room’s background with a space-opening trompe-l’oeil.

These space-enhancing tips may not help a small desk with too much clutter on it, but they can certainly make you feel less claustrophobic while sitting behind that desk.

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Capitalize on The Walls

You should make the best use of the wall space behind and beside your small desk. Consider attaching magnetic boards or shelves for storage. You can even mount your monitor to the wall or at least raise it on a monitor arm for some extra desk space.

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Final thoughts

Besides being an eyesore, a cluttered desk space can really affect your productivity and efficiency. Conversely, a neat and orderly workspace clears the way for increased productivity and less wasted time. Yet, organizing your small desk space doesn’t have to take days. You can do it a little at a time with the help of the above tips, and you will eventually have a great workspace.



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