Small Closet Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Closet

Small Closet Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Closet

Who has never experienced that feeling of frustration when they open that closet and are faced with a jumbled mess of clothes and other stuff? This is a very common phenomenon when talking about small closets. Keeping small closets organized is normally a challenge. Nonetheless, with the following closet ideas, you are able to maximize the space in your small closet and make your life easier and more organized.

Shall we explore the closet ideas?

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Invest in Hooks

Look into your small closet. Is there any wall space that’s not covered by clothes? Consider putting a hook there. You can also opt to put an entire rack of hooks. Why is this one of the most effective closet ideas?

It is an excellent way to reclaim wasted space. In fact, you can use the hooks for virtually anything: purses, belts, jewelry, as well as relatively clean clothes.

Capitalize on the Floor Space

If you have a lot of long-hanging clothes, the entire bottom of your closet can remain unutilized. So, what closet ideas can you implement to solve this issue?

Simply group your long-hanging clothes at one end of the closet and your short-hanging ones at the other end. This will open up a significant amount of floor space. Consider placing a smaller dresser or a stacking shoe rack in that space.

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Go For Minimal Closet Organizers

If you choose to use hooks or shelf-dividers to maximize space in your closet, go for the slimmest, smallest models you can find. Closet organizing tools should not take up your much-needed space.

Hooks that slide over a closed door can accommodate lots of things without taking up too much space themselves. You can also try to use an over-the-door mesh shoe rack.

Neatly folded clothes with accessories in chest of drawers
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Neatly folded clothes in chest of drawers
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The Doors Can Provide Storage Space Too

Consider hanging hooks to store scarves, belts, pajamas, or handbags on the inside your closet door. You can even line the door with corkboard on which to hang your jewelry. What if you have sliding closet doors?

It will be difficult to find things since one door is always blocking a section of the space. So, this may not be one of the best closet ideas for storage. If you are a DIY enthusiast, however, you can explore other closet ideas to make your closet more accessible.

For instance, if you own your home, you can replace the sliding doors with bi-fold doors or two doors that pull out.


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Once you’ve filled your closet with clothes, you may have just a little space left for one or two other types of storage. Perhaps you can get your shoes in.  However, you will probably not be able to fit them together with your coats and bags.

So, you will have to keep some items out of the closet. You can keep your overnight bags on the closet floor, where no one can see them. Then, carefully line up your most attractive shoes elsewhere in the house. The point is, you have to be innovative when dealing with a small closet, and always have creative closet ideas at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

A small closet can really cramp your life. Rummaging heaps of junk, finding your clothes creased, and having no space to store anything can a real headache. Nonetheless, there are several things you can do to save the situation. Use the above closet ideas to make the most of your small closet.




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