Small Bathroom Ideas – How to Make Your Small Bathrooms Feel Spacious

Small Bathroom Ideas – How to Make Your Small Bathrooms Feel Spacious

There are tonnes of small bathroom ideas that can really make your small bathroom feel homely. In fact, you don’t even have to do all the expensive and time-consuming renovations. All you need is some creativity.

So, let’s look at 5 creative small bathroom ideas that can help make your small bathroom looks spacious and more inviting.

Capitalize on the Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent tool to make a space feel larger. When it comes to small bathrooms, you need to ensure the mirror is not reflecting the towel rail or the toilet.

When using mirrors to increase the size of a space, you want to be reflecting something stunning. Some brilliant small bathroom ideas include making the mirrors a focal point, an eye-catching shape, or a unique design. All these help take the focus off the size of your bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas - bathroom with large mirrors
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Designed freestanding bath in gray modern bathroom
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Go for Minimal Contrast Tiling

If you’re shopping for tiles for your small bathroom, it is advisable to go for minimal contrast. This is effective in creating a sense of harmony. The tile color makes the bathroom look bigger than it’s actually is.

You should consider matching the wall and floor tiles. Make sure the same flooring extends into the shower. After selecting the tiles, be sure to match the grout in order to create that seamless look. It is advisable to go for light colors as they reflect more light, making your bathroom feel spacious.

It would be great if you do tiling to the ceiling wall. If you can’t do this, however, consider matching the wall paint color to your tile instead. This helps keep everything tonal.

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors, freestanding tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and skylights. Northwest, USA
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Invest in Lots of Natural Light

One of the best small bathroom ideas is to open up space with natural light. If your bathroom is landlocked and has small windows or insufficient light, you can use solar tubes to pull in the light. This is a brilliant and cost-effective way. If you want a more modern look, consider going for frameless shower doors. Besides the contemporary look, these doors also contribute to a bright and airy look.

small bathroom ideas - modern luxurious bathroom in house on a beach
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small bathroom ideas Beautiful Bathroom in Luxury
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Use Plenty of White

This is one of the easiest small bathroom ideas to give your small bathroom a spacious look. You can use white paint, while tile, white vanity, etc. White color naturally recedes, creating the illusion of space. Likewise, it reflects any available light, instead of absorbing it.

Note that bathrooms normally have a lot of white fixtures already, such as the toilet, sink, and tub. So, using white for other surfaces will create a seamless appearance, which makes your bathroom feel as airy as possible.

To add character to your space, consider using different textual elements such as:

  • Pale stone
  • Molding
  • Fabric accents

You can also apply the occasional touch of wood or metallics. This will uphold the seamless look while still giving the eyes loads of elegance to behold.

Bathroom contemporary style. 3d visualization
Image Source: Ostap25

Replace the Shower Curtain with a Glass Panel

A shower curtain normally creates some visual wall even when drawn open. Hence, replacing it with a glass panel is a brilliant way to make your space look bigger. With a glass panel, the whole room will be visible at once for a spacious look.

If you love your privacy, consider going for a tinted or frosted glass panel. This will still let in lots of light into the bathroom, making your shower experience feel less claustrophobic.

Guest bathroom in a modern style. 3d visualization
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The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to make small space look bigger. However, this does not mean that you can’t make your small bathroom look great. There are plenty of effective small bathroom ideas out there. You just have to choose the ones that can work for you the best, and your bathroom will definitely feel spacious and homely.




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