Small Bathroom Designs: How to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Designs: How to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Looking worried about how to optimize your small bathroom? Worry no more. There are plenty of small bathroom designs geared towards helping you make the most of your small bathroom. No matter how compact your bathroom is, you can make it stylish, functional, and space-efficient. All you need is the right know-how.

In this article, we explore 6 small bathroom designs that you can adopt to optimize your bathroom in terms of style and functionality.


Combine Lighter Walls with Dark Floors

You have to be strategic with color when it comes to decorating a small bathroom. You should avoid dark walls as they will make your already small bathroom feel smaller. Instead, go for lighter walls as they reflect more light, making your small bathroom feel spacious.

Dark colors should be reserved for the floor. If your bathroom has wood floors, you should choose shower tiles that match the wood in tone and color. This style creates the illusion of a continuous floor, hence doesn’t draw attention to the smallest part of the bathroom.


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Bathroom toilet corner | Image Source: Piotr/


Invest in Mobile and Multifunctional Furniture

A limited space doesn’t have to undermine your creative flair. If you are dealing with limited square-footage in your bathroom, consider acquiring freestanding furniture that you can move around whenever there’s need.

By investing in freestanding storage and seating, you will be able to move your scheme around whenever you desire. Moreover, unlike fitted bathroom accessories, you can take free-standing stuff with you whenever you decide to move out.

Replace Tubs with Showers

In the world of small bathroom designs, bathtubs take two times the amount of floor space compared to showers. By losing the tub, you can open up your small bathroom considerably.

Showers are not only effective space-savers, they are are also great for adults and guests. They can also be great for cleaning pets if you have a hand shower. However, if you have kids and looking to install a tub for bathing them, then go for a lower profile tab.

Besides making it easier to get in and out, a lower profile tub will also make your bathroom feel more open.


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Shower and sink built into the corner of the bathroom | Image Source: yuryrumovsky/


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Small bathroom with toilet and shower in gray tones | Image Source: yuryrumovsky/

Paper a Cloakroom

One of the most effective small bathroom designs for disguising a limited space is to create a fascinating and striking wallpaper. If you have a shower or a bath in the room, make sure that you go for a wallpaper that is made specifically for bathrooms. Such a wallpaper will be able to stand the damp, warm conditions.


Install a Corner Sink

At times, even a pedestal sink can interrupt the only available traffic path in your small bathroom. One of the brilliant small bathroom designs to solve this issue is to install a corner sink.

A corner sink positioned across from the toilet can do a more wonderful job compared to a sink placed across from the shower. The closing and opening of the shower door normally create an awkward walk-around situation.


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Designer bathroom with corner sink and shower | Image Source: coralimages/


Use Wall-mounted Faucets

Small bathroom designs with faucets mounted on the wall allow for a narrower sink or vanity. This, in turn, frees up the space in the entire bathroom. The good thing about wall-mounted faucet is that it can work anywhere. Hence, don’t be afraid to try it in traditional bathroom designs.


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Small bathroom interior | Image Source: ARochau/


Work With Wall-hung Pieces

Floating wall fittings can visually maximize your bathroom space. They allow for more of the floor to be seen and make cleaning easy.

Moreover, you can always utilize the space underneath for storing toiletries in eye-catching wicker baskets. A palette of tonal grays and off-whites will make your small bathroom feel spacious and airy.  Conversely, wall-integrated taps will keep the look minimal and refined.


Use the Same Tiles on the Walls and Floor

A brilliant trick to making your small bathroom look more spacious is to use the same tiles on the floor and walls. Namely, the seamless flow of the tiles will create a spacious feel. This works well with wall-hung fixtures, which serve to save on the floor space.

You can use natural stone for the tiles. If natural stone feels too natural, however, consider popping it up with strong color pops of your towels and other accessories. In fact, this is a cost-effective way to add personality to your bathroom.


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Small, modern bathroom in balck and white | Image Source:


Small bathroom designs - Great Idea Hub
Interior of a small combined bathroom | Image Source: madhourse/

Final Thoughts

If you have a small bathroom, you might feel limited in what you can do with it. However, you don’t have to. There are numerous small bathroom designs you can adopt to make your small space feel more spacious and inviting. You can draw inspiration from the ideas highlighted in this article.

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