Add Space and Charm with the Right Sliding Closet Doors

Add Space and Charm with the Right Sliding Closet Doors

Are you tired of re-arranging your room every now and then to make it look less cluttered? Your closet’s hinged doors could be the main cause as they take up a lot of floor space when you open them. A beautiful solution to this problem is to invest in sliding closet doors.

A simple change from hinged closet doors to sliding closet doors can add significant functional space to your room. These doors are not only functional; they are also stylish and can add a style quotient to your room.

Sliding closet doors come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and installation design. So, you can always get sliding doors that perfectly suit your needs.

In this article, we explore various types of sliding closet doors that you can choose to add space as well as a touch of style to your room.

Modern wardrobe in the living room
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Sliding Pocket Door

If your home is tight on space, a sliding pocket door can be a perfect choice for you. These doors slide right into the wall on which they are installed. They slide on tracks installed at the bottom and top of the stud wall.

This allows the doors to disappear right from your sight. Sliding pocket doors are normally made of wood or metal. However, you can get some doors with built-in glass panels. Why should you invest in this type of sliding closet doors?

First, sliding pocket doors can be any size as they don’t have to overlap one another to close. Secondly, they are subtle. They can blend right into your room décor and don’t draw attention to your closet.

The only major setback with pocket doors is maintenance. Namely, if the door slips off the track, you will have to open the wall to fix it back properly.

Classical bedroom with four poster bed
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Sliding Wood Closet Door

If you are looking to add a subtle, traditional décor to your room, consider investing in wooden sliding closet doors. These doors are available in a vast variety of options, which include:

  • Raised panel closet doors
  • Solid wood or hollow construction
  • Painted, lacquered, or stained finishes
  • Inlaid glass designs

Why should you invest in sliding wood closet doors?

First, these doors come in a wide variety of styles to complement your décor. They are also hard-wearing and can last many years without maintenance.

Nonetheless, wooden closet doors are not without some disadvantages. If you live in a humid region, for instance, the wood of your closet door may swell, causing it to stick or not to close and open properly. For a solid-wood door, the weight could make it to sag or pull off the track. Hence, routine maintenance is necessary.

Interior of a bedroom with a large wardrobe, a bed with a yellow blanket on the background
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Master bedroom art deco style. Large closet with sliding doors, white walls and light laminate
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Sliding Glass Closet Door

If you’re looking for doors that conceal your stuff while adding some elegance to your room, you should choose sliding doors that are made of frosted or decorative glass.

These doors normally feature wood or metal frame surrounding each panel or door. Each door may be made up of one or several glass panels depending on the style.

The good thing about sliding glass closet doors is that they don’t just conceal your closet but they also present the eye something to focus on in the room. Moreover, frosted glass can help increase the amount of light in your room by reflecting it. As such, it can make your room look more spacious than it actually is.

The only drawback is that most glass closet doors are prone to crack, fracture, or shatter upon impact.

 Classic minimal bedroom with walk-in closet
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Mirrored Sliding Closet Door

If your room is dark or small, mirrored sliding closet doors could be an ideal choice for you. These doors can make a room they are installed in look bigger as they normally double the amount of visual space.

Mirrored doors can also double the amount of light entering the room. This further helps to open up the space. These doors are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your personal needs.

Sophisticated bedroom with double bed, upholstered wall and mirrored wardrobe
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Modern bedroom interior
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Sliding Metal Closet Door

Sliding metal closet doors are not common. They are normally made of solid aluminum or stainless steel. However, some metal closet doors are used as a frame around a glass door. Sliding metal closet doors come in a variety of unique styles.

The good thing about these doors is that they don’t chip or scratch and will normally last for years. Moreover, metal doors provide style options that you can’t get with other materials.

However, they are normally heavy and more likely to come off their track compared to other doors. There are also quite a few options to choose from.

Bedroom interior in urban area
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Final Thoughts

Sliding closet doors are one of the most popular types of closet doors found in homes today. They are the most functional and stylish closet doors. They are a great way to create more space in smaller rooms while offering a convenient access to items concealed behind the doors. In light of the fact that there are numerous types of sliding doors, this article is aimed at helping you find the right one for your closet.





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