Shower Ideas: Maximize Your Bathroom Space with Walk-in Shower

Shower Ideas: Maximize Your Bathroom Space with Walk-in Shower

Thinking of a bathroom makeover and looking for shower ideas? There are numerous shower ideas out there, but walk-in showers seem to the hottest craze when it comes to bathroom shower designs. Why not consider it?

Walk-in showers are stylish and functional for any bathroom. Besides, it will give your bathroom a modern appeal and presents you an opportunity to save more water and efficiently use the space available to you.

Let’s explore this bathroom shower design further so you can understand why it’s one of the best shower ideas for your bathroom.

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and skylights. Northwest, USA
Image Source: Iriana Shiyan

Why Choose a Walk in Shower?

With a walk in shower, you will enjoy several benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t get from other shower ideas. Shall we look at the benefits of walk-in showers?


Tile is normally easier to clean compared to the typical porcelain of shower interiors. Namely, it does not hold on to dirt and grime the same way. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about dirty, moldy shower curtains, which need to be changed regularly.


Another reason why this is one of the best shower ideas is that walk-in showers can fit in any bathroom size. You can fit the shower design to your actual space. In fact, you don’t have to struggle to install typically sized showers in a space that could be small, or oddly shaped.

Modern bathroom
Image Source: opticalearth


Walk-showers are also much more accessible compared to baths. If there’s a family member with mobility issues, walk-in showers should be your ideal solution. These showers don’t require stepping over a raised ledge.  


Design-wise, walk-in showers top the list of brilliant shower ideas. You know why?

With this shower design, you don’t have to divide the room into different sections to fit your shower. In light of the fact that you can use the same tile in the entire space, your bathroom will look seamless and harmonious.

It is also worth noting that harmonious rooms also look larger than they actually are.  

Marble mosaic herringbone tiled shower feature wall in a contemporary ensuite bathroom
Image Source: Jodie Johnson

Walk-in Shower Styles

It is advisable to ensure that your walk-in shower blends with the rest of your home. In order to achieve this, you have to choose the right style of walk-in shower. You must get it right when choosing bathroom tiles, furniture, as well as accessories.

Let’s look at some of the walk-in shower styles to inspire you:

Modern Walk-in Showers

When looking for walk-in shower ideas based on style, contemporary is often the most popular choice. This is largely attributed to the fact that walk-in showers work perfectly with modern styles. You know why?

These showers are normally open and utilize regular geometrical shapes such as circles and rectangles. The lack of ledges and sophisticated ornament make them minimal, and hence perfect for a contemporary design.

Consider accentuating the contemporary style of your shower with various geometrical shapes such as square shower heads. This is because right angles and straight lines look sharp, simple, and modern.

Alternatively, you can play with those shapes and use a somewhat neutral background tile to highlight the size of your shower.

Modern white bathroom
Image Source: slavun

Traditional Style Walk-in Shower

If you love traditional styles, you can still achieve it with your walk-in shower. However, this will depend on the décor features in the rest of the bathroom.

For instance, you don’t have to throw away that old water heater. You should let the water pipes show and make use of traditional accessories to accentuate your style.

Other traditional walk-in shower ideas include adding décor elements such as posters and stand-alone bath on feet. This will depend on the availability of space.

Bright classic traditional laundry room and bathroom interior design in large luxury house with dark wood cabinets.
Image Source: sweetl1

Industrial Style Walk-in Shower

Any industrial style enthusiast will choose a walk-in shower over any other bathroom shower ideas.

Industrial spaces are normally open and somewhat revealing. They largely use wood and metal as the support for architectural design. They don’t mind showing the systems and plumbing behind a functional home.

Consider framing the glass door with aluminum squares to create a window effect. Also, make use of industrial hardware and accessories with a retro look to accentuate your style. You can even leave some corners unfinished as industrial look features some roughness around the edges.

Modern industrial loft conversion into a hipster minimalist bathroom with vintage style metal roll-top bathtub and fresh green potted plants in front of bright windows.
Image Source: XtravaganT

Final Thoughts

Walk-in showers are the hottest bathroom trend nowadays. There are good reasons for that: they are spacious, stylish, and accessible. They can fit any size of space and are easy to maintain. Walk-in showers also offer a vast range of possibilities, from rainfall showerheads to steam baths. Another reason why they are one of the best shower ideas is that they can be attractive in any bathroom, no matter the style. This article explores why this should be your bathroom shower design  of choice.





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