Shoe Storage Made Simple: How to Easily Organize Your Shoes

Shoe Storage Made Simple: How to Easily Organize Your Shoes

If you own numerous pairs of shoes, you most probably are having a problem with shoe storage. Disorganized shoe storage makes it difficult to find your shoes whenever you need them. It also creates a cluttered environment, which causes everything else to be a mess.

However, proper shoe organization and storage doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you understand what to do, you can have a perfectly organized shoe storage system. Here are 4 simple steps to get your shoes organized.

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Gather All Your Shoes

You need to collect all your shoes. Look everywhere in the house, under beds, as well as in the garage and basement. Then, match the shoes up in pairs. Once you’ve matched every shoe, decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. You can donate some of the unwanted shoes and throw away the very old ones. Isn’t that easy?

Separate The Shoes into Categories

The second step of shoe storage involves deciding how to store your shoes. You need to divide your shoes up into two categories. In the first category, put the shoes you wear most often. The second category should have the shoes you rarely wear. Are you having difficulty doing this?

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Simply set aside all the shoes you will wear in the next one month. Everything else will fall into the second category. The shoes you have decided you’ll wear more frequently should be easily accessible. You can store the other footwear away out of sight.

Choose the Best Shoe Storage Option

There is a wide range of options when it comes to storing shoes in your home. For instance, you can install shelves in your closet. You can also buy a shoe organizer, which hangs over the door or attaches to the wall.

These are excellent shoe storage options for shoes that you wear frequently. For shoes that you rarely wear, clear under bed shoe organizers can be a perfect choice. Such shoe organizers not only protect your footwear from dirt and dust; they also make everything to be easily accessible when needed.

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A shoe storage bench is another great option. It is an awesome piece of furniture that you can place in the bedroom, closet, or even in your home’s entryway. Some versions of shoe bench are open with individual cubbies for pairs of shoes. Other versions are closed with tops that you can sit on when taking off or putting on shoes. These are ideal for shoes that you will use more often.

A shoe cabinet is perhaps the most sophisticated shoe storage option. Some shoe cabinets also feature hooks to hang sweaters and coats. These pieces of furniture are not only attractive but also complement the beauty of a home décor.

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Change Your Footwear Habits

Every time you take off your shoes, make sure you place them in their appropriate storage place. This may prove challenging at first, but you have to stick with it.  You’ll soon become more disciplined and more organized.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find your shoes whenever you need them. It is time-wasting and causes unnecessary stress. Moreover, not having your shoes properly organized creates unsightly clutter in the house. Fortunately, you can have an organized shoe storage system by following the above four easy steps.



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