Understanding Scandinavian Designs: How to Incorporate Them into Your Home

Understanding Scandinavian Designs: How to Incorporate Them into Your Home

Scandinavian Designs have been around since the 1950s. While they have enjoyed some popularity in the past, they have become greatly popular in the 21st century. The design’s simplicity and contemporary look are both excellent complements to today’s eco-conscious world.

So, what is Scandinavian design? How do you work with it in your home décor? Read on to find out.

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What are Scandinavian Designs?

Scandinavian design features a very unique look. It is quite easy to identify. One of its major elements is that it is inspired by nature. Besides being nature-inspired, Scandinavian designs also utilize very clean and simple lines.

Likewise, it encompasses pale color and graphic patterns. Hence, Scandinavian design is normally viewed as a modern classic. Namely, it utilizes elements of classic design with a contemporary flare. If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated and functional design, you should consider Scandinavian designs.

While it is a minimalist design, Scandinavian can be quite expensive to implement. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to incorporate it into your without breaking a bank. In the light of this, let’s look at some simple ways to incorporate Scandinavian styles into your home décor.

How to Incorporate Scandinavian Designs into Your Home

Create Focal Points With Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian designs, focal points
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Having focal points and features in every room is an integral component of good interior design. Scandinavian furniture can help you achieve this in various ways.

To begin with, the furniture itself can act as a focal point. You just need to position it in a strategic area that catches the eyes of anyone entering the room.

Secondly, you can use furniture as a platform for making a focal point.

You can use a sideboard, for instance, to feature smaller pieces of furniture. Lastly, you can arrange your furniture in such a way that it draws the eye to a certain point in the house that you want to draw attention to, like your favorite piece of art.

White modern room with sofa. Scandinavian interior design
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Coffee served on table in bright light scandinavian style hipster interior, cozy loft room
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Let There Be Light

In Scandinavian regions, windows are normally not dressed. This allows the maximum use of natural light. If you can’t put up with bare windows, however, consider using sheer or cream-colored drapes. This is a brilliant way to ensure bright airiness of the room, while maintaining your privacy.

Candle light is also a popular element in Scandinavian designs. It is effective in adding glow and creating ambiance in a room. You can also consider placing candelabras on your window sills and dining table. Another way to incorporate the element of lighting into your design is to add accent mirrors into your rooms. This will reflect the light across your home.

Scandinavian design also capitalizes on indoors plants to provide extra oxygen and enhance tranquility in the room.

Scandinavian white kitchen with wooden and white details, minimalistic interior design
Image Source: ArchiVIZ

Choose Colors Wisely

Scandinavian designs are characterized by a neural color scheme. This normally encompasses whites, beiges, as well as natural materials like wood and leather. When shopping for furnishings, you should go for a pale color palette, and craftsmanship.

If you want to achieve a true Scandinavian minimalist look, try to accentuate the wood grain of your furniture pieces. Alternatively, you can paint them white. What about the floors?

In Scandinavian designs, white-tiled and whitewashed floors are normally recommended. However, bare wooden floors can be a great choice for a traditional Scandinavian style, or a more natural look. For the walls, exposed brick walls would deliver the best Scandinavian effect.

To add a nice pop of color, comfort, and warmth, invest in some pale pastel rugs, throw pillows, and cushions.

Modern Scandinavian design kitchen in a loft
Image Source: 2mmedia


Material pouf on floor and lamp in design modern bedroom
Image Source: Photographee.eu

Play with Texture

In Scandinavian countries, warm textiles such as sheep skin, soft cotton, and mohair throws, are an integral part of interior décor. Moreover, there is also a popular trend of adding metallic finishes to lighting and decorative pieces. In the light of this, brass and copper pendants and sconces are a great way of adding radiance to a space. You can also use plenty of wood – you can incorporate it into your ceilings or walls to add texture and warmth.

Cute hipster loft with little reindeer sculpture beside simple desk and chair.
Image Source: XtravaganT


Modern scandinavian dining room
Image Source: Victor Zastol’skiy


Final thoughts

Scandinavian design is defined by simplicity, functional yet eye-catching home décor solutions. This style was born from a desire to uphold low cost, attractive interiors without breaking the bank. If want to incorporate Scandinavian designs into your décor, you’ll find so much value in this article.



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