Round Kitchen Table – A Stylish Way to Save Space

Round Kitchen Table – A Stylish Way to Save Space

Looking for ways to optimize space around your kitchen table? Then, you should consider investing in a round kitchen table. Among all the various designs of kitchen tables, a round kitchen table is the simplest design, and yet one that offers the most practical advantages.

For this article, the primary purpose is to explore the advantages of round kitchen tables besides providing a place to sit and a place to eat.

So, what are the benefits of round kitchen tables?

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Enhanced Flow and Space

A round table has no corners, creating more space for people to walk around and get to their seats. These tables are ideal for formal style dining rooms. They can also work well for open floor plans where the dining space is off to the side in a larger room.

Often times, people buy rectangular kitchen tables and realize that there isn’t adequate space for people to comfortably get a place to sit. With a round kitchen table, you don’t have to worry about such issues.

The table provides a better utilization of space in a smaller area, ensuring there is less crowding or bumping when trying to sit down. Moreover, there are no sharp corners so you can’t get caught when finding your way to the other side.

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Safe for Children

If you have small children that normally run around, round kitchen tables are a safer option for you. There are no sharp corners that protrude from these tables. With a square kitchen table, you will have to put padding for protectors on the sharp corners.

A round table, on the other hand, will remain attractive as it is without the need for any additional protection. Moreover, in a world that is crowded with squares and lines, a few circles and soft curves make a lovely visual break as well.

Improved Social Interaction

Round kitchen tables have a social aspect attached to them. The fact that the kitchen table is round means that there is no pecking order. Everyone coming to sit down at the table is equal to everyone else.

Namely, a round kitchen table presents equal spacing and equal opportunity to participate in discussions, with a shared center. So, if you want people to get involved in conversations and feel fully part of the meeting or meal, then you should invest in round kitchen tables.

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What Should You Consider When Buying Round Kitchen Table?

When shopping for the best round kitchen tables, there are several things to keep in mind. They include the following:


You should choose a round table that is wide enough to accommodate what you need. The table should also be able to seat a sufficient number of people around it. It’s imperative that you balance this to ensure the table fits your room without making it uncomfortable to get around.

You should consider the chairs when you measure to determine what will fit. For instance, chairs that have arm rests normally take more space.

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Your preferred round table style should match your kitchen décor. Be sure that your kitchen table blends in with the cabinets, countertops, floor, and other furnishings in the room. Another great idea is to choose a kitchen table that matches your dining room set. This promotes a seamless flow from one eating space to another.

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Your choice of surface will depend on the kind of look you want to achieve. If you prefer a more formal look, consider choosing veneer, which has a striking look. For a more casual appeal, natural wood or tile can be a great choice. However, you should note that tile can be hard to clean because of the grout.

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Final Thoughts

If you prefer to keep a modern look in your home but also like to stick with the traditional ways of making your home look stylish and charming, then a round kitchen table is a great idea. It is the social piece of furniture that promotes personal interaction as well as optimization of space. In this article, you not only learn how to get the most of round kitchen tables but also how to get the best one for your needs.







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