Round Coffee Table Styling: 5 Tips to Create a Charming Space

Round Coffee Table Styling: 5 Tips to Create a Charming Space

Addition of a fine-looking round coffee table is one of the brilliant ways to make any living room more complete. Round coffee tables are pieces of furniture that exude beauty and magnificence and can add a touch of class to any room in which they are put.

While there are many other coffee tables that add such elegance, nothing beats glass coffee tables in adding real character and providing an awesome focal point for a living room. Moreover, no matter what material, design, or size you’re looking for, you can always find a round table that matches your living room décor.

Unfortunately, a bare coffee table normally looks boring. You may need to add some stuff to spice it up and create a vibrant ambiance. So, what can you do to make your round coffee table more pleasing to the eye?

Here, we present you 5 tips to help make your round coffee tables more beautiful and charming:

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Incorporate Some Natural Elements

Nothing generates a warm and lovely feeling better than natural elements. In this case, consider repainting your coffee table with soft pastel woody or earthy colors. Alternatively, if you already have a vintage unpainted round coffee table, allow the grain to accent up even more by giving it a bit of sanding and some relaying with a clear finish.

Additionally, you can put some decorative features from nature on the coffee table. These could be small statues, decorative stones, or any other natural decorative elements.

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Accent it With a Wooden Tray

A wooden tray can do a wonderful job when it comes to giving accents to your coffee table. Besides the accenting purpose, you can also use the tray as your coffee table organizer. It will act as a kind of aesthetic barrier between the table’s free space and the tray. Additionally, consider putting several of your everyday stuff on the tray to make your round table look neat and organized.

 Cup of tea on wooden tray on a round coffee table with sofa in living room at home
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Give Your Round Coffee Table Books

If you want to create a lovely, intellectual atmosphere in your living room, there’s no better way than to add books to your coffee table. Simply put your favorite books on the tray on the table and you’ll feel the effect. The books will be easy to grab anytime you want to peruse them. Furthermore, they give a punch to an already inviting table.

Combine Books and Botanicals

If you’re so much into symmetry, you’ll certainly love this round coffee table styling. You’ll need at least one plant for the center to add height, various sizes of coffee table books, and a beautiful paper weight. The book stacks will make your table look balanced from all angles.

This is a minimalistic approach to coffee table decoration, which leaves space to accommodate drinks or even small plates. It is a great style if you prefer not to have lots of small items laying around.

Modern interior of living room with wooden coffee table and two armchairs
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Combine Rectangle Tray, Books, and Some Décor

If you are looking to achieve a feminine and eclectic feel, this should be the perfect style for you. You would need a rectangular tray, small floral arrangements, candlesticks to add height, candle, several coffee table books, and colorful ceramic vase.

The tray will keep smaller objects grounded, so they don’t appear too cluttered. This arrangement is great if you often like to change your décor. Namely, you can constantly rearrange and seasonally update the tray.

It is also worth noting that the candles play a great role in giving your room the needed ambient light. Likewise, they fill up the romantic accent to your table.

Interior of modern living room with sofa and round coffee table
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Coffee table and sofa with modern brick wall decoration
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Final Thoughts

Nothing matches the elegance of a round coffee table – the appropriate size, material, and design can transform an otherwise dull living space into something sophisticated and welcoming. Round coffee tables can add fascinating dimensions to a room filled with furniture. Used well, they can balance the components of your living space and add some character to dull corners. However, bare coffee tables can be boring, and the above tips will help make your tables more beautiful and welcoming.



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