Reading Chair Ideas: This is Why Papasan is the Best Reading Chair

Reading Chair Ideas: This is Why Papasan is the Best Reading Chair

When it comes to choosing the best reading chair, there are countless options out there. Likewise, there are numerous factors to consider – material, color, height, width, style, etc. However, the most important thing is your comfort. You need a reading chair that you can sit in for long periods of time without hurting your back or straining your neck. Your preferred chair should also blend in with your home design and decor.

The Papasan is reputed as the most comfortable reading chair. In this article, we explore why it could be the best reading chair for you.

Papasan reading chair in living room
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What is a Papasan Chair?

A Papasan chair is also known as a moon chair or bowl chair. The chair has an adjustable angle so you can adapt it to your personal preference.  The bowl rests on an upright frame normally made of rattan, wood, or wicker.

This chair has been favorite for centuries, especially in the Philippines, largely due to its unmatched comfort. In fact, during the World War II, the American soldiers were so amazed at the quality, comfort, and look of the Papasan chairs that they carried some home with them after the end of the war.

Now you have an idea what a Papasan chair is. Let’s see why it can be an ideal reading chair for you.

Papasan as a Comfortable Reading chair

Reading is an awesome pastime. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to do it for prolonged periods because you’ll start to feel the pain in on your back or the strain in your neck.

Nonetheless, if you read while propped up on a Papasan, you can keep going for a whole day. Namely, Papasan chair is deep, comfy, and snugly. This is an excellent seating option for reading.

This chair allows you to read as much as you want. The softly roundly shape of its base, as well as the thick cushion, prevents any kind of discomfort from setting in. The cushion provides ultimate rest and the design helps you to find the best position for your back.

Woman relaxing in papasan chair
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Papasan Enhances Modern House Interior

If you are looking for a cozy, stylish reading chair for a casual living room, bedroom, or family room, consider getting a Papasan chair. The Papasan is more of a style than a name used to describe a certain piece of furniture.

This reading chair features a simple yet versatile design. It can adapt to a vast variety of modern house interior decors. Look at the picture below, for instance; the chairs look bohemian and elegant, with a subtle feminine appeal.

Moreover, due to its curved edges, gracious shape, and adjustable seat, the Papasan can be a great reading chair for your kid’s bedroom.

Modern room design with framed picture of tropical leaves and papasan chair
Image source: Africa Studio

 Papasan chair for the Outdoor Lounge Area

The Papasan chair can also be a beautiful addition to your outdoor lounge area, especially the patio area. This is largely attributed to its construction, which allows for some degree of flexibility.

This chair is not only easy to transport but also doesn’t take much space. It is its compact construction that makes it suitable for the patio area. You can use the Papasan cushions as benches on reading corners. Likewise, the ergonomic design is great for relaxing on the balcony or terrace.

Papasan chair in outdoor decor
Image source: Houzz

Final thoughts

If you have ever wished to have a chair that offers so much comfort that you can use it not only for reading but also for various other purposes, the Papasan chair can be your ideal choice. The Papasan is widely known as a reading chair that you can live in. It offers divine comfort and can greatly enhance the look and feel of your home decor.




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