Privacy Plants: Why Roses Make for Excellent Privacy Hedges

Privacy Plants: Why Roses Make for Excellent Privacy Hedges

If you are looking to enhance the privacy, security, as well as the view to and from your yard, try thinking beyond the ordinary wood or vinyl fence: consider using privacy plants to secure, beautify and keep the privacy in your property.

However, privacy plants are not for everyone. Namely, if you are looking for a quick remedy a good fence can help, contact, and get a natural screen which is an ideal option for you. You need to have patience if you want to enjoy the benefits that privacy plants have to offer. They will not only serve their purposes effectively but will also last longer compared to any vinyl or wood.

White arbor with red blooming roses in a garden
Image Source: Elenathewise

When it comes to the choice of what plants to use to keep privacy, roses can be a perfect choice. There are several reasons why roses make one of the best privacy plants.

Shall we have a deeper look at roses as privacy plants?

Why Use Roses as Privacy Plants?

Roses are highly versatile and resilient plants.  You can plant them at any time during the year, apart from times of extreme weather, such as when the ground is waterlogged or frozen. Likewise, you can plant them in a wide variety of positions and locations in your yard.

Girl cuts or trims the bush (rose) with secateur in the garden
Image Source: olyapon

In addition to providing a valuable feature in your yard, roses are also beneficial for separating one part of the garden from another. Most importantly, you can use them to create impenetrable barrier hedges that help keep intruders away. In fact, most rose varieties make exceptional thorny barriers.

The fact that roses provide color and fragrance can also not go unmentioned. However, you should realize that rose are prone to pests. So, you should do regular maintenance to keep your green wall healthy and beautiful.

What’s The Best Rose Variety?

While there are numerous rose varieties, not all of them are ideal for use as privacy plants. You should go for those varieties that grow at least 7 feet tall. Take Old Blush rose, or Rosa “Old Blush”, for instance; it can grow up to 10 feet tall. Its flowers blossom in shades of pink.

Another rose variety ideal for a natural screen is Lady Banks rose, or Rosa banksiae. Lady Banks is a climbing rose variety. Consider planting it along an existing fence for a thick hedge of creamy yellow flowers.

Red roses bush in the garden
Image Source: cone88

Planting Roses as Privacy Plants

In order to grow a dense, effective rose fence, you should plant rose bushes in two rows. The plants should be positioned 2-10 feet apart depending on the spread of your chosen rose variety. It is imperative that you plant rose bushes in a fence in open areas.

This is to ensure proper air circulation around the front and back of your plants. It is worth noting that roses thrive best in areas that receive over six hours of sun every day.

Pergola with pink blooming roses
Image Source: Barbara MB


Rose Garden path and trellis in Charlotte
Image Source: Jill Lang

What are The Benefits of Rose Fences?

Besides helping to keep privacy in your yard, rose fences can also provide color and fragrance to your landscape. These privacy plants also food, home, and protective cover for birds that add life to your home. You can also use rose hedges as a windbreak to protect more delicate plants in your yard from strong winds.

Final thoughts

Your yard is a place of sanctuary. Hence, it should be a private and serene place. While there are several companies who offer to create the perfect fence for you there is none like Fence Installation Fort Worth to create privacy in your yard, growing privacy plants is the most effective one of them. Roses make an excellent choice in that case. They are versatile, thrive in a variety of weather conditions, produce vibrant color, and are deliciously scented.




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