Pothos Houseplant: The Perfect Choice for Low-sunlight Areas

Pothos Houseplant: The Perfect Choice for Low-sunlight Areas

Looking for the easiest houseplant to grow? You can’t go wrong with Pothos. If you are one of those busy people who tend to forget to water their plants, this is the ideal houseplant for you.

Scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, Pothos is a perfect houseplant for areas that don’t receive a lot of sunlight. This plant also tops the list of plants that can help purify the air in your home.

Let’s explore more information on this plant, which is also called Devil’s Ivy or Variegated Philodendron.

Golden Pothos in pot on wood table
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Why Grow Pothos in Your Home?

Pothos is one of the most popular houseplants owing to several reasons. Here are some of its characteristics, that make it a favorite in many homes:

Easy Care

Pothos is a very easy plant that does just fine in lower to medium light. It needs water every 7-10 days, more or less depending on the prevailing temperatures. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your plant will rot out within no time.

Durable and Tolerant to Low light

This houseplant can survive low light conditions. It may revert to solid green and stunted growth but it won’t die.

Pothos houseplant on bedside table
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You can incorporate pothos into your home interior décor in numerous ways. For instance, you can hang them to enjoy their long stems trailing down. Likewise, you can place them on a shelf, table, or file cabinet. You can often find it in dish gardens mingling with other plants.

 Beautiful lights with plants hanging in room
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Easy To Propagate

If there’s one houseplant that is easy to propagate, then it is Pothos. All you need to do is cut off a piece of their stem between 6 and 12 inches long. Then, pluck off the lower leaves and place it in water. Be sure you have a node in the water and replace the water every week. Is it that simple?

Air Purification

While pothos is sitting in your room look gorgeous, it is actually getting rid of toxins present in the air around you. It takes in the bad elements in the air and releases the good.

Hipster interior with potted plants
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How to Care for Pothos Plants

Caring for this houseplant is very easy. This plant can thrive in a wide range of environments. It can do well not only in bright indirect light but also in low light. While it thrives in nutrient rich soil, it can do virtually as well in nutrient-deficient soil.

However, if your plant is highly variegated, it may either not flourish in low light or might lose its variegation if the light is extremely low. In light of the fact that only the green parts of a leaf can generate energy for the plant, your plant must be able to get sufficient energy. Otherwise, its growth will slow or the leaves will make up for lack of light by turning greener.

Gardening tools and houseplants
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You should fertilize your pothos houseplant once every three months. This will ensure that your plant grows more quickly. However, many people have claimed that their plants grow fast enough even without being fertilized.

Final Thoughts

The pothos plant is considered by many to be an excellent way to get started growing houseplants. This is attributed to the fact that this plant is easy to grow and care for. The beautiful plant is an easy way to incorporate some green into your home interior décor.




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