3 Vital Things to Consider Before Growing Perennial Flowers

3 Vital Things to Consider Before Growing Perennial Flowers

If you want plants that flower and look beautiful for several years, perennial flowers are certainly what you’re looking for. Unlike annuals, which live and blossom for just one season, these flowers will continue to provide bliss for a very long time.

However, you should realize that successful perennial flower gardening comes down to three main factors, which we are going to share with you. Once you get these essentials right, you can be sure of enjoying the beauty of perennial flowers for several years to come.

Shall we look at the three factors?

Purple and White Crocus
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Salvia Flowers and Rock Retaining Wall at a Residential Home
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Proper Site Selection

Most perennial flowers thrive on at least six hours of sunlight every day. So, when selecting a site for your perennial flower garden, you need to be sure that it receives sufficient sunlight. This doesn’t mean that you can’t grow the flowers in a shady place.

Some perennial flowers can still grow under limited sunlight. Therefore, in the case of a shady site, just make sure you choose shade-tolerant flower varieties.

Soil quality and drainage are other important factors to keep in during site selection. Avoid areas that have a lot of weeds. You don’t want the weeds to compete with your flowers for water and nutrients. Areas with poor drainage are also not recommended. These flowers cannot survive in an area where there’s stagnant for long-time periods.

Small townhouse perennial garden
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Small Backyard Garden Closeup Photo
Image Source: Tomasz Zajda

Also, make sure that the soil in your preferred perennial flower garden site is rich and fluffy. Otherwise, consider adding adequate compost to the soil before planting your flowers. Lastly, it is advisable not to establish your flower garden in an area with too much foot traffic. You don’t want your treasured plants to be trampled underfoot.

Right Flower Selection

Perennial flowers are available in a wide selection of varieties, shapes, and colors. So, it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your garden.

One tip for choosing the right flowers is to consider how colors blend. Avoid choosing flowers whose colors may clash, like pink and orange. You should choose complementary colors, such as pink and blue, instead.

Height is another essential factor consider during perennial flower selection. Be sure that tall perennial flowers you have chosen don’t hide the smaller ones behind them. Lastly, consider the blossoming period of your preferred flowers.

Most of these flowers have a short blossoming period, lasting between two and four weeks. For the best effect, you need to synchronize the blossoming periods of various perennial flowers.

Landscaped garden with flowers and plants
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Colorful flower garden
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Perennial Flowers’ Growing Habits

If you start growing your flowers as seed, you should realize that you may not see any flowers in their first year of growth. You know why?

Perennial flowers normally focus all their energy on plant and root growth in the first year. However, during the subsequent years, you can expect some attractive display. What if you don’t have the patience to wait for over a year to see flowers?

Consider using transplants. In this way, you can get your perennial flower garden off to a speedy start. In the case of using transplants, make sure the plants you select are not in bloom when you plant them. This is not an appropriate time to establish them in your garden.

Beautiful annual Flowers in garden
Image Source: Kurhan

Moreover, transplants with yellow or pale stems and leaves are not recommended. It is advisable to do your transplanting on a somewhat cool and cloudy day. Afterward, water the plants properly and continue to do so until they are well established.

Final Thoughts

Perennial flowers make a great choice for an eye-catching flower display. However, creating a perennial flower garden with the most impact can be a challenge.  There are several things that you must right. In the light of that, be sure to follow the few tips outlined above. In the end, you will manage to create a beautiful, healthy perennial flower garden.




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