Patio Ideas: Create a Backyard That Makes Your Friends Jealous

Patio Ideas: Create a Backyard That Makes Your Friends Jealous
Beautiful backyard decor
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Want to create a stunning patio that impresses your family and makes your friends envious?

A beautifully designed patio will not only add fun to your family but it will also add value to your home from a real estate perspective.

You shouldn’t be afraid to explore your creativity and think of your own patio ideas. But if you can’t come up with any exciting ideas, here are 5 awesome and simple patio ideas to get you inspired.

Outdoor patio with brick floor, wooden shade awning, privacy curtains, patio furniture and table setting
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Right-size Your Patio

In light of the fact that your patio is an outdoor space that brings people together for various celebrations, it should work on three fronts:

  • It has to be big enough for your family and friends.
  • It shouldn’t be so big that it doesn’t fit your backyard’s profile.
  • It has to be within your budget.
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Brick patio with table umbrella and chairs
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Size and shape are integral elements of a patio. It is imperative that you have enough seating and eating space for all sized gatherings. Before you add other decorative elements to your patio, be sure the space is enough to accommodate your loved ones’ needs and lifestyle.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Your main house may not be having enough space for all your living room essentials. Or you just want another informal space to gather with family and friends. In this case, you can transform your patio into a cozy living room.

Amazing wooden deck and furniture at private home.
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One of the best ways to achieve this is to invest in comfy weatherproof furniture of various styles and shapes. For instance, you can place luxurious chairs or sectional sofa around a matching reclaimed wood coffee table. The result is a comfortable, tranquil hangout area.

Make the space more exciting by adding interior design elements such as wall-mounted clocks, mirrors, and artisan light fixtures.

Backyard cozy patio area with wicker furniture set
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Beautiful covered patio outside new luxury home
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Let There be Light

If you want to extend your outdoor living space well into the night, lighting is inevitable. Lighting also enhances your landscape’s safety. It makes your patio feel more secure.

What’s more, lighting accentuates various areas in your yard. In fact, if you add lighting to your patio with downlights and uplights, it instantly makes the space look larger. And when you look at the patio from your kitchen window at night, it will be a beauty to behold.

Relaxing area outside of mansion
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Add a Pergola

Have you planted trees in your backyard and they are taking ages to mature? Then you might want to consider adding a pergola.  

Pergolas are not only gorgeous; they are functional as well. They provide instant shade. And they also serve as an open trellis for growing attractive greenery.

Patio set with glass top table and chairs
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A pergola turns out even more awesome if you grow a bougainvillea plant along the trellis. Bougainvillea is one of the most gorgeous flowering plants that can transform the look of your patio in no time. It produces purple, pink, or orange flowers.

Mix and Match Stone and Wood

Create an outstanding garden setting on your patio by adding both stone and wood elements. Wooden decking and steps coupled with natural stone walls create a beautiful, rustic look. The effect is even greater when you add ivy-clad trellises made of wood to the mix.

Patio decor
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Conversely, wood terraces and walls spectacularly compliment natural stone flooring. This creates a feeling of linearity while enriching its natural warmth. If you want a taste of charm to your landscape, you can bet on this patio idea.


Small patio decor with blue and white chairs and round yellow table
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Add a personal touch to your backyard with colorful and unique décor accents. For example, you can add a small outdoor rug to make the space feel like an additional room.

Likewise, adding a few small plants to the space will create a summer feel. And adding some comfy pillows on your hard outdoor furniture transforms your patio into a cozy open-air living room.

Front Patio
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Cozy patio design
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Final thoughts

An attractively designed patio not only expands your home’s outdoor living space, but also expresses your tastes and personality. It is also an excellent way to increase the value of your property. If you have no idea where to start with improving the look and feel of your patio, you can draw inspiration from these great patio ideas.




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