Tips for Party Decorations – How to Decorate For a Home Party

Tips for Party Decorations – How to Decorate For a Home Party

Planning a home party? One of the things you need to do is to set the scene with eye-catching party decorations. But where should you start?

Party decorating is not complicated as it sounds. In fact, home party decorations can be accomplished in three easy steps. Shall we outline the steps?

Choose An Appropriate Theme

To begin with, you need to decide on the specific theme. Choosing a theme is normally the most difficult aspect of party decorations. It is usually advisable to begin by deciding what you and your family or friends like.

Are you traditionalists or do you prefer a contemporary ambiance? You can draw inspiration for party theme from many areas. Think about the colors, symbols, patterns, shapes, even a mood that can define your theme.

Table setting in sea theme
Image Source: Africa Studio


Party decoration
Image Source: Tatyana Semenova

Decide on The Main Colors and Focus Points

Choosing colors and the focal point for your party decorations shouldn’t be difficult.  Just select a few things that you really like.  Then, make them a focus point by placing decorative items around them.

You can even use food as the focus point. A cake would serve as an excellent focal point for a birthday party. What if you don’t want the person to see the cake yet?

Dessert table for a party
Image Source: Ruth Black


Birthday party decoration with cake and sweet candy
Image Source: Odua Images

You can choose another item, such as a large, wrapped present, to serve as the focal point. When it comes to colors, most parties have traditional colors. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use different colors for your party decorations.

If you’re planning a Christmas party, for instance, you can use a white and light blue winter theme instead of the traditional red and green colors. Likewise, you can use your child’s favorite colors in their birthday. Another great alternative is to use several bright colors for the birthday party decorations.

Elegant dining table with presents and Christmas tree in living room
Image Source: abelena


Blue candles and flowers on the table
Image Source: timonko


This step in home party decorations encompasses deciding on where the focal items will go. It also involves making sure the surrounding elements contrast with the focal point. It has to grab attention.

For a snowman centerpiece, you should use a light blue tablecloth instead of white. What if you have a large snowman?

Consider surrounding it with smaller white candles and white snowflake confetti. All these should have a contrasting color to that of the tablecloth. However, they should contrast with the snowman in theme.

There are several supporting items you can adapt for your decorations. These include:

  • Fabric
  • Candles
  • Pictures
  • Confetti
Table beautifully decorated for a colorful birthday party
Image Source: BlueOrange Studio


Party decorations
Image Source: BlueOrange Studio

However, fabric, candles, and confetti are the most popular choices. They are usually cheap and you can re-use them for a wide range of parties.

Lastly, you need to do some finishing touches. This will accessorize not only the focus point, but the entire area of the focus point. You can use banners, streamers, balloons, crepe paper, or anything else you can find to continue the theme from one focus point to another.

Celebration with balloons
Image Source: alekuwka83

Let’s say you have a big birthday cake table in the kitchen and a big table for birthday gifts in the living room. You can use streamers and balloons in the doorway. This is a great way to continue the birthday party from one room to another.

Final thoughts

A home party should be the ultimate social gathering since you’re in complete control. It’s not like a club party. All the party details are in your hands, and you need to everything right. Otherwise, your party will be a mess. One of the things you have to get right is party decorations.

Fortunately, decorating for a home party is very simple to do. Choose an appropriate theme, select the main colors and focus points, and finish the look by setting the accessories to blend with the focus points. The result will be a striking, coordinated, lavish-looking home party.



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