Gorgeous Ways to Use Pampas Grass for Your Wedding

Gorgeous Ways to Use Pampas Grass for Your Wedding

Looking for wedding décor that’s more natural with an earthy look? Or maybe you want to add a bohemian touch to your wedding theme?

You might want to consider incorporating pampas grass into your wedding decoration. Also known as Cortaderia Selloana, pampas grass is an ornamental grass native to South America.

A tall versatile grass, it radiates a romantic, bohemian, and classy aura. It can instantly add texture to your wedding bouquets and backdrops.

The flowers of the pampas grass are quite feathery. They can make lovely displays and eye-catching details to a flower arrangement when dried out. They are a perfect alternative if you are not into regular flowers.

Pampas grass in a vase
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Besides its great looks, pampas grass is also cost-effective. Check out our 5 cool ideas for using this ethereal, feathery plant as part of your wedding décor:

An Outstanding Bouquet

If you are looking for unique bouquet ideas for your wedding, you can bet on pampas grass. Pampas grass makes the most outstanding addition to virtually any bouquet.

It adds length, softness, and elegance you would not find in many other plants. If you want to create a fanciful, yet exotically bohemian bouquet, then including Pampas Grass is just gorgeous. You can even have pampas grass in the entire bouquet for a greater effect.

Wedding bouquet
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Beautiful bridal bouquet with pampas grass
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Understated Statement Backdrop

Pampas grass boasts the most refreshingly neutral tone. If you’re looking to create a statement backdrop that won’t outshine any other important white elements in your wedding, pampas grass is your perfect choice.

Namely, it is an attractive, deeply natural white, with depth, tonal variation plus a matte softness. Pampas grass can pair perfectly with any color. For example, it can work as a subtle variation in a white on white wedding. It can also complement various summer brights and spring pastels.

Moreover, it is completely perfect for the deeper autumnal colors. Whether you create a hanging feature or an outstanding Pampas wall, you are sure to have an incredibly beautiful statement backdrop for your wedding.

Beautiful pampas grass wedding decoration
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Line The Aisle With Pampas Grass

You can use pampas grass to line the walkway to your ceremony. A great idea is to keep pampas grass in pots next to every row of seating.

You can also line it continuously until it reaches the arch to create a soft-looking natural tunnel of love. Nothing can be more fun and exciting than running through the tunnel, hand in hand with your loved one, after the wedding.

Beautiful pampas grass wedding aisle line
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Decorate The Reception With Pampas Grass

When it comes to decorating the reception with pampas grass, the possibilities are endless. But here are the best ideas you can adapt for your wedding:

Potted Pampas Grass

You can choose to wow your guests with large, sprouting bouquets or settle for small, yet lovely and elegant table features.

It’s also worth noting that you can put pampas grass virtually anywhere if it is in a pot. This makes this plant incredibly easy to decorate your wedding reception with.

Wedding table decor
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Wedding reception decor
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Hanging Pampas Grass

Nothing looks more sizzling than pampas grass hovering above an elegantly set table. The golden hues will gleam and stand out under the right lighting. This makes it a simple yet stunning addition to your table setting.

You can also get classy with different blends of flowers and add it to decorative hangings all over the venue.

Hanging pampas grass decoration
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Beautiful wedding decor
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Final thoughts

Pampas grass is a hot trend in today’s wedding world. It commands attention and radiates a visually stunning look. There are numerous ways to incorporate it into your wedding. You can include it in your bouquet, use it to create a statement backdrop, line the aisle with it, or use it to decorate your reception.


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