Pallet Furniture: Turn Your Yard into a Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Pallet Furniture: Turn Your Yard into a Luxury Outdoor Living Space

Looking for inspiration on pallet furniture ideas? We’ve got your covered.

Pallets are largely used in shipping and are normally cheaply available. There are numerous different ways you can use pallets to create unique outdoor furniture. For instance, you can line several pallets up and place cushions on top of them to make cool patio couch. In this article, we present you some outdoor pallet furniture ideas to spice up your patio or balcony.

Outdoor Pallet Lounger

You can’t get a cheaper, more functional outdoor lounge than an outdoor pallet lounger. It is the best thing you can get for relaxing in the sun, in a pleasant afternoon while enjoying your cool drink.

To create this cool piece of pallet furniture, you will need four pallets of the same size. The pallets will be stacked on top of one another two by two. Then, you can use the remaining materials to create a backrest.


Pallet furniture - Great Idea Hub
Pallet patio | Image Source: DIY home decor


Pallet furniture - Great Idea Hub
Euro palette Wooden bench | Image Source: BeckArt/


Afterward, depending on your personal preference, consider finishing your pallet lounger in a stain or glaze. This will not only be visually attractive; it will also add protection to your new pallet furniture. Picking a color like white glaze adds a shabby chic look. This look, with some scatter cushions, is very effective in creating a look that blends with any outdoor living space.

It’s also advisable to get some high-quality cushions for the lounger’s base and back. They don’t have to match; they only need to offer a soft landing for your backside.

Pallet Vertical Garden

Here’s an innovative idea of how you can turn pallets into an awe-inspiring vertical garden. It is a fairly simple and cheap project to accomplish.

You will need one wooden pallet, a small roll of landscape fabric, two large bags of potting soil, a staple gun, 16 six-packs of annuals, and sand paper. You will end up with a stunning and functional structure in which you can grow your outdoor plants.


Pallet furniture - Great Idea Hub
Vertical garden | Image Source: Tatjana/


Pallet furniture - Great Idea Hub
Vertical palette garden | Image Source: Tatjana/


Easy Pallet Rolling Outdoor Table

Another innovative outdoor pallet furniture idea is a pallet outdoor rolling table. To create this highly practical pallet furniture, you will need 4′ x 4′ wood pallets, a 4″x4″ beam cut into four pieces, a few L-brackets, four caster wheels, several screws, and gray stain.

This simple DIY project will give you a fabulous rolling table that can serve as a coffee table when you are outdoors hanging out with your family or friends. It can also act as a small dining table you when you want some outdoor snack.


Pallet furniture - Great Idea Hub
Pallet tables | Image Source: Mallebz/

Outdoor Pallet Swing Chair

You can also create a fancy, comfortable and functional outdoor swing chair using wooden pallets. The chair is easy to make. You just need to sew or staple pallet pieces together with nails or a tough rope. You don’t want to collect yourself from the ground after an injurious fall.

Then, you can hang your swing chair from a ceiling or tree to enjoy a soothing swing. It is imperative that you paint this pallet furniture acrylic paints and disinfect it with insecticides to prevent termite attack.

Consider decorating your finished outdoor chair with fabric and leather covering and plenty of cushions. This will make it more cozy and relaxed. Such a swing chair can significantly enhance the décor of your porch.

You should take careful consideration of the size and structure of your pallet outdoor swing chair. You should be sure that it can carry the desired weight. It is worth noting that this pallet furniture is much cheaper, comfy, and long-lasting compared to the ordinary metallic swing chairs.

Final Thoughts

In the past, wooden pallets were used only in bulk shipping and in warehouses, where they were used for moving goods from one point to another. Today, however, pallets are much more commonplace and have a wide range of uses, including creating DIY furniture. You can create cool, outdoor pallet furniture to transform your yard into a serene and comfortable outdoor living space. This article has provided some creative ideas to get you started.

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