Owl Decor Inspiring Tips for a Delightful Home Interior Design

Owl Decor Inspiring Tips for a Delightful Home Interior Design

Owl decor is becoming increasingly popular the world over when it comes to choosing a theme for home interior design. The owl is certainly an adorable animal.

It deserves a place in your interior decor. In fact, it is the best animal to help add character and style to your home design.

From wallpapers to paintings, side-tables, kid’s beddings, throw pillows, you have countless options to decorate your home with owl accents.

Even if you don’t want to overhaul the entire theme, you can still add pieces of owl decoration throughout your home to blend in with your current theme.

So, how can your incorporate owl decor into your home interior design?

We guide you on how you can do that effectively for various rooms in your house.

Living Room Owl Decor

The living room provides a vast range of opportunities to explore different owl accents.

Depending on the size of your living room, you could find it can hold more owl accents when compared to other rooms.

In fact, the living room is an excellent place to add accessories. For instance, you can display your ceramic owl figurines on a floating shelf, bookcase, or on the mantel.

Furthermore, you can use a large wall decal or a piece of owl art to accentuate the theme.


Here are some fascinating owl designs you can incorporate into your living room:

Owl Throw Pillows: You can use 2-3 designs that bear the color of your interior decor. Consider mixing them with solid, striped, or checkered pillows.

Owl lamp: You can place this at reading corner or on a table by a chair.

Owl Photo Holders: You can use artistic owl photo holders for a grouping on the coffee table, sofa table, or mantel.

Owl Vases: You can fill these with followers or simply use them as a display.

That said, let’s see how you can add character to your kitchen with owl decor.


Owl Decor_Great_Idea_Hub
Owl Decoration For The Living Room

Kitchen Owl Decor

The kitchen is another great room to incorporate the owl theme. There’s a vast selection of owl objects and designs you can add. It’s advisable to choose 3-5 owl items.

These can be a wall clock, curtains, and trivets featuring owl designs.

It is imperative that your preferred owl designs and items blend well with your existing kitchen decor. You should be mindful of the use of patterns and colors. Otherwise, your owl decor may look out of place.


Furthermore, here are a few suggestions for your kitchen owl decor:

Kitchen curtains:  You can use this on the kitchen windows as well as over the sink

Canvas Art: Consider adding a creative canvas reproduction of a vintage sign.

Salt and Paper Shakers: You can get some cute salt and paper shakers to place on the breakfast table.

Jars and Canisters: Consider placing a pair of owl cookie jars or ketchup canisters on your kitchen counter.

From the kitchen, let’s head to the bathroom. How can you incorporate owl decor into your bathroom design?

Owl Decoration Ideas For the Kitchen

Bathroom Owl Decor

Bathrooms largely have limited space for ornamental pieces. Nevertheless, you can capitalize on the wall. You can use a framed owl art or metal owl art.

For a quick and easy theme change, try playing up with shower curtain, bathroom rug, and toiletry sets. This presents an effortless way to add owl decor to your bathroom.


Here are other ways to include owl accents in your bathroom decor:

Owl Shower Curtains: Find shower curtains that feature at least one of the color schemes in your bathroom.

Bath towels: You should add matching towels to blend in with your chosen shower curtain

Bathroom coordinates: Find at least two owl items, such as toothbrush holder, waste basket, shower hooks, and soap dish to enhance the bathroom decor. However, don’t overdo it though.


You can also include owl accents in your bedroom. Let’s look at how to go about it.


Bathroom Ideas – Owl Decoration

Bedroom Owl Decor

When it comes to decorating the bedroom with owl items, is it most noteworthy that you should go for things that showcase your love for these cute animals. At the same time, you should pay attention to how each item will complement your overall bedroom design.

It is advisable not to have so many themed items in the bedroom unless it is your child’s bedroom, hence you can get the perfect look with just a few touches.


Here are some suggestions of owl decor for your bedroom:

Owl Tiebacks: Consider getting some solid brass curtain tiebacks. They can be an excellent subtle touch for your bedroom without being intrusive.

Owl Duvet Cover:  Consider getting a tree and owl design duvet for your bedroom. It’s an awesome choice for an eclectic or modern house interior design.

Owl Lamp: There are several owl lamp designs to choose from. You can go for a hand-craft glass accent lamp, a beaded night lamp, or any other table lamp you like.


Bedroom Owl Decor Great_Idea_Hub
Bedroom Ideas – Owl Decoration

The bottom line

Owls are a symbol of beauty, power, and wisdom. Thanks to their auspiciousness, these cute animals have found a true place in home interior decor.

There are countless ways to incorporate owl decor into your home interior design. Finally, if you don’t know where to start, you can draw immense inspiration from this article.



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