Make a Statement in Your Home Decor with Oversized Wall Clocks

Make a Statement in Your Home Decor with Oversized Wall Clocks

Does your home have a large amount of wall space with nothing on it? Have you thought about how an oversized wall clock will look on that space?

As the name suggests, oversized wall clocks are large. They can easily become the focal point of a room. Oversized wall clocks present you a wide range of benefits when you think of decorating various spaces in your home.

Namely, you’ll not only be keeping time with an awesome piece of art, but you’ll also add charm and style to your home. Oversize wall clocks are so amazing that you will want to place yours where everyone would admire it.

Let’s looks at some valuable tips on decorating your home with oversized wall clocks.

Mix and Match

If you already have an oversized wall clock that has an overall basic color, consider mixing and matching with other uncommon accessories. In this way, you will be able to create various unique and captivating themes in your home.

Modern luxury living room
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Grey living room corner
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Maybe your oversized clock already has a scene on it. In that case, consider using the clock as the focal point of your home. Then, you’ll have to surround it with other matching materials to ensure that you optimize the potential of your chosen theme.

Proper Placement

When it comes to the placement of large wall clocks in your home, it is imperative that you measure the area where you want to place your new clock. You want to be sure that the preferred space will sufficiently accommodate your large timepiece.

When positioned properly oversized wall clocks can certainly make a dramatic impact on your wall. A good placement idea is to hang your clock in the middle of fine accessories. In this way, your clock will bring a vintage aura to your room.

Wooden chairs at table with heathers in gold pots in dining room interior with round clock on the wall
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Oversized wall clocks make a striking statement and enrich the decor of any room. Whatever you prefer as your favorite style you can beautify your home or office with a functional, eye-catching timepiece.

Consider Your Furniture

Oversized wall clocks come in many different styles, designs, and even brand names. It is advisable to choose a clock that matches your current furniture. The clock color and style should blend well with your tables, chairs, shelves, and more.

If you have vintage styled furniture, a wall clock made with Roman numerals would be a great choice. These wall clocks are normally designed in a somewhat old-fashioned style.

What if you want your space to have more of a modern or futuristic look? Then an oversized wall clock that doesn’t have Roman numerals will work well for you.

 Bright living room interior with beige sofa, geometric carpet and oversize lamp
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Consider Current Décor

It’s also important to choose a timepiece that matches your décor. It’s worth noting that prices will vary depending on the style or brand of wall clock you choose. Even then, it is advisable to avoid cheap wall clocks that don’t blend in perfectly with the rest of your décor.

You should realize that large wall clocks often cost more than ordinary wall clocks. Nonetheless, the role the clock plays in enriching the look and feel of your home far outweighs its cost.  

Bright bedroom with double bed, brick wall and rug
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Final thoughts

Oversized wall clocks are timeless decorative items. They continue to be used in many homes around the world. The best thing about these clocks is that their overall design is simple and versatile. As such, you can adapt them to match any kind of décor as well as any room in your home. This article provides valuable insights on how to decorate your home with large timepieces.



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