Outdoor Nautical Décor: Tips to Give Your Yard a Nautical Bliss

Outdoor Nautical Décor: Tips to Give Your Yard a Nautical Bliss

Looking to create a nautical theme for your yard décor? There are numerous outdoor nautical décor ideas that you can adapt for your landscape design.

Adding some nautical flair to your yard can deliver lots of charm and elegance to your outdoors. To achieve the nautical look and feel, you need to focus on some key elements that evoke the sea. However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you may end up with a tacky look, instead of a stylish one.

That said, let’s explore some outdoor nautical décor ideas that can help you add that blissful nautical feel to your yard.

Incorporate Whitewashed Furniture

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You should start by adding whitewashed furniture to your outdoor lounging area. This type of furniture looks stunning in virtually any type of environment. It will especially blend perfectly with outdoor nautical décor theme.

Whether it is chairs or tables, the look brings out a beach feel. Another remarkable thing about this look is that it can match anything you have. It also delivers a coastal feel that no ordinary outdoor furniture can match.

Moreover, whitewashed furniture offers a rustic allure that is ideal for relaxing and cozy spaces. It is a great way to add a touch of serenity to your outdoor nautical décor.

White wooden outdoor furniture along a garden fence on a lawn.
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Add Nautical Accessories

Another brilliant nautical outdoor décor idea is to include seafaring accessories in your landscape design. This will enhance the nautical appeal of your yard. For example, you can decorate your garden wall with some vintage ship’s wheels or anchors.

Likewise, you can replace traditional garden fencing with a series of old oars pressed into the soil to demarcate your flower beds.  Buoys can also make a fancy nautical outdoor décor accessory. So, consider spicing up a bare deck wall by hanging some buoys across it.

It is advisable not to overload your yard with nautical accessories. Otherwise, it will look too busy. Choose one or two accessory types for a subtle look.

Marine items on wooden background. Sea objects on wooden planks
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Create a Canoe Pond 

If you wish to add a water feature in your yard, installing a lovely fountain or a traditional pond can be quite expensive for you. That doesn’t mean that you can’t realize your wish. There is a simple DIY idea that you can implement without even digging up your yard.

You can create a Canoe pond to give your yard a fascinating look. How do you do this?

Simply get an old canoe, which is no longer in use, and fill it with water. Then, place a few flower pots inside it. Also, consider placing small plants and other flower pots around the canoe to spice up its look. This DIY outdoor nautical décor will give your yard an exceptional face-lift.

Outdoor nautical décor
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Incorporate Seashells into Your Outdoor Nautical Décor

Adding seashells to your landscape design is a brilliant way to give your yard an ocean-front feel. Whole shells make striking decorations for a garden. Consider using them as a border around your flower beds. Alternatively, fill a sizeable pot with shells to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Moreover, you can use crushed seashells as mulch for your garden. This will also add nautical charm to the environment. You can also replace the gravel or wood chips on your garden paths and walkways with crushed shells.

Sea shells in yard
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Final Thoughts

You don’t have to live near the sea to have a nautical feel in your home. You can create the maritime look and feel by incorporating some nautical elements into your landscape design or home décor. The above outdoor nautical décor ideas can serve as inspiration towards creating a beautiful maritime-themed yard.



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