Outdoor Christmas Ornaments – Key Things to Remember During Christmas Yard Decoration

Outdoor Christmas Ornaments – Key Things to Remember During Christmas Yard Decoration

Looking to make a statement with your outdoor Christmas ornaments? You may want to do away with various outdoor ornaments that have become outdated or too common. But what should you do?

Here are some essential things to consider in a bid to transform your yard into a marvelous display this festive season.

Choose an Elegant Theme

It is advisable to have a few related outdoor Christmas ornaments than numerous unrelated items. Do you want to go traditional or modern? You should not mix themes.

Christmas decorated porch with little trees and lanterns.
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For instance, you can’t have both Santa and a nativity theme in your yard. Namely, you can choose to either have vibrant Christmas colors with Santa or a somewhat subdued look with a nativity theme. Find out what your neighbors are doing for their outdoor Christmas decoration.

If they’re having their Christmas lights visible to the outside world, for instance, then consider creating a subtle, extraordinary spectacle. You may use all one color to avoid clashing with the festive display surrounding you.

What Outdoor Christmas Ornaments Will You Use?


Vintage decorated Christmas building with illuminated deer
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When it comes to choosing yard Christmas ornaments, it is advisable to go for inflatable lawn ornaments. You know why?

These outdoor Christmas ornaments are normally easier to store compared to the more traditional large outdoor decorations. Owing to their bulky size, you would want to use just one or two of these, even for a large lawn.

You may also choose to use Holographic Christmas decorations. These are a great choice as holographic can add Christmas ambiance to your outdoor decorations during the day. At night, lights will bring the decorations to life.

Sculpted illuminated ornaments can also make for amazing outdoor Christmas ornaments. You can find these in a variety of classic designs, including nativity scenes, Santa, and reindeer designs. If you are looking for a design that focuses more on natural ambiance and less on color, then you should go for outdoor topiary.

Decorating Your Outdoor Christmas Tree

You should create an outdoor Christmas tree from one of the evergreen trees in your yard. This is an excellent way to brighten the yard. So, how can you do this?

String mini lights all over the branches. Be sure to choose a color theme that matches the rest of your outdoor Christmas décor. You shouldn’t just drape lights on the exterior branches; string the lights in the interior branches as well to ensure the whole tree is bright. Add some other decorative items to reflect light.

Winter exterior of a country house with Christmas decorations in the American style.
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Don’t Forget the Fence Décor

Consider lining your fence with strings of lights. Icicle lights can also do a wonderful job. If the lights are too much for you, then you can consider hanging some garland with ribbon accents along the fence line and entries for a traditional touch. The garland should drape slightly between posts. Complete the look by adding wreaths to each post.

Close up on Christmas wreath and decoration on the mail box
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What if you’re working on a Budget?

Being on a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have an outstanding outdoor Christmas decoration. Here are some budget-friendly outdoor Christmas decorating tips to guide you:

  • Buy used Christmas decorations at garage sales, consignment stores, and thrift shops. Holiday decorations are normally used for a short time every year. So, used ornaments are normally in pretty good condition.
  • Buy outdoor LED lights instead of the larger C7 lights. LED lights will deliver the same sparkle while at the same time save you more on your energy bill.
  • Plan well before time. After the festive season, stores normally lower prices on their leftover decorations by up to 75%. Why not take advantage of such offers and be assured of a gorgeous display next Christmas?
  • Exchange you decorations with friends. Many homeowners like to put different outdoor Christmas ornaments each year. Find out if your friends can exchange or lend their unneeded decorations.  

Final thoughts

Outdoor Christmas ornaments welcome guests to your home as they draw the eye from the road to your yard. While there a numerous Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas out there, there are key things to always remember in order to get the best out of your decorations. They include choosing the right theme, deciding on the best outdoor ornaments, creating an outdoor Christmas tree, and decorating the fence.




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