Open Plan Interior Design Ideas: Get Endless Opportunities for Decorating Your Home

Open Plan Interior Design Ideas: Get Endless Opportunities for Decorating Your Home

Looking for a creative way to make your living areas look more spacious and elegant?

Then you might want to consider adopting an open floor plan for your home.

Open plan interior design is all about free-flowing spaces. And it presents you endless opportunities for you to get creative with your home décor as well as furniture arrangements.

With an open floor plan, you can effortlessly create distinct spaces that look unified or section off comfy corners. This design also allows you to merge what would normally be different rooms, like your dining space and home office, into one large multi-functional space.

Find out how to transform your home into an open plan floor interior by studying this gallery of outstanding open plan interior designs.

The kitchen in this open design is just a step up from the living area.
Image Source: Patricia Bagienski


This Berlin open floor plan apartment in white was dressed up with low profile charcoal seating that features geometric pattern pillows.
Image Source: Moh Studio


Although everything is combined into one room, the use of a straight line tight back sofa and a small dining set help to make it appear spacious.
Image Source: Ngurah Arya


This botanical design gives new meaning to the term pot rack.
Image Source: Anna Neiman Interior Design


This contemporary design has an industrial feel with the black sliding glass doors that separate the rooms.
Image Source: Anna Neiman Interior Design


This open plan has a Zen feel with low seating sofas and coffee table, perfect for a little yoga.
Image Source: Phan Nguyen


The more traditional arched windows contrast the straight lines and contemporary styling of this living and kitchen combination.
Image Source: Oliver Wende


This loft living and kitchen area gives us soaring bookshelves and feminine touches in the flower pendant lighting to the powder blue geometric shapes in the rug and throw pillows.
Image Source: Patricia Bagienski


A wall of white panels and display nooks is a great background for this room donned with matching sectional pieces.
Image Source: Yaroslav Serdyuk


Textured walls and cabinets provide interest in this open plan and help to declare the kitchen and dining areas.
Image Source: Tu Nguyen Hoang


A brick wall that doubles as a bookshelf and display space above the fireplace
Image Source: Scenario Architecture | Photographer: Matt Clayton | Scenario Architecture


A beautiful double halo lighting fixture sets this room off along with candlestick pendant lighting in the kitchen.
Image Source: ESpace Team


The island and tables tie these rooms together with their grey textured finishes.
Image Source: Olesya Ligay


This plan uses a brown wall behind the living area while the cabinets and flooring are a light taupe.
Image Source: Twin Hongtruc


This open plan with soaring ceilings keeps everything at a low profile to improve flow. The wood burning stove adds a cozy touch to the spacious room. Décor was all about the details, note the candlesticks that match the
Image Source: MG Design UK


A fun rug and platform marble tables accompany the black upholstery in the seating area.
Image Source: Andrii Rozhko


The kitchen cabinets in this combo room don’t meet the floor, providing a great space for ambient lighting.
Image Source: ESpace Team


Unique scandinavian style chairs
Image Source: ESpace Team


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