6 Creative Office Desk Designs for Awesome Aesthetics and Functionality

6 Creative Office Desk Designs for Awesome Aesthetics and Functionality

Looking for a home office desk that offers much more than just a comfy working space?

Then you might want to look at the 6 creative office desk designs that we’re going to explore in this article.

Home office desks come in a vast selection of designs. And you need to make a careful selection so you can get the most of your workspace. Moreover, you don’t want a bland desk that will make your work environment boring.

You want something that is exciting to look at and use. Here are 6 ideas for home office desks that offer a little more than just working space.

White chair at wooden desk in bright home office interior with posters and plant on cabinet
Image Source: Photographee.eu

Bookshelf Desk

Do you love reading? Maybe you are the type that likes to keep stuff close by as they work. Either way, a desk with a built-in shelf would certainly tickle your fancy.

The sleek, modern office desk above features a V-shaped shelf, running along its side. With the shelf, you get sufficient room to keep your favorite books within easy reach.

Floating Corner Desk

If you are looking to turn an odd corner into a workspace, then you might want to draw inspiration from this floating office desk. All you need to do is get a desktop custom cut to fit the corner.

Diy Wall Mounted Desk Design Ideas
Image Source: Houzz

A corner can make a comfortable spot for an office desk. And nothing feels greater than knowing you have put every inch of your home to maximum use.

The Duplex Workspace Desk

Designed by Sophie Kirkpatrick, this Duplex Workspace Desk is an excellent solution to an unfriendly, crowded environment.

The hooded desk comes in handy when you want to focus on your work with minimal disturbance from other people.

A combination of ash veneered surface, solid ash turned legs, and a hood makes a gorgeous working space for those who value their privacy.

Wooden desk
Image Source: freshome

Minimalist Standing Desk

If you are looking to save tons of space with your home office desk, then this ultra-simple, wall shelf that acts as a standing desk would be a great choice for you.

Consider investing in a stool, which you can rest on when you are tired of standing. You can add some shelves to the minimalist standing desk if you need more storage space.

The Treasury Table

This uniquely-designed office desk features several drawers of different sizes. And its translucent mat surface ensures your stuff are hidden from the prying eyes.  

The treasury table is a versatile desk. You can use it for lots of things, including as a desk or a place to keep your tools in the garage.

Black treasury table
Image Source: Pinterest

Wall-unit Desk

Have lots of files that need safekeeping? Then you might want to invest in a wall unit like this. You should pair the wall unit with a long desk. You want to keep the look neat and unified. You don’t want the shelves to overhang the edge of your workspace.

Monochromatic luxury grey modern office interior with long table style desk, chair and bookcase full of books
Image Source: XtravaganT

Final thoughts

A home office desk is an important investment. Besides providing a workspace at home, it also ensures your personal needs are met, both ergonomically and with regard to sufficient storage space. There are many office desk designs out there. And you need to choose a design that offers a high level of functionality while still enriching the beauty of your space. You can draw inspiration from the above home office desk designs to create your own beautiful and comfortable workspace.




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