Office Bungee Chair: Which One is the Best for a Professional Look?

Office Bungee Chair: Which One is the Best for a Professional Look?

Sitting for a prolonged period in the office can result in bad posture, numerous health issues, and increased stress in your mind. Fortunately, you can avoid all these kinds of problems by investing in the right ergonomic office chair. While there’s a wide variety of ergonomic chairs available on the market today, bungee chair is among the best.

Also known as a bunjo chair or trampoline chair, the bungee chair is built from a frame with tensioned bungee cord straps fixed between the outer frame members. With this style of construction, the chair presents a high level of spring and cushioning. Moreover, the chair’s design, with gaps between the rows of straps, enhances airflow. This makes sitting for prolonged periods much more comfortable compared to standard chairs.

In an office setting, the use of bungee chairs is becoming increasingly popular. This is largely attributed to the level of comfort a bunjo chair has to offer. The tensioned straps deliver a spring level that you can’t find in conventional office chair designs. What’s more, the structure of the support straps allows the chair to mold to the contours of your seating position, which enhances the level of comfort.

In light of the fact that there’s a wide selection of office bungee chairs out there, there are a few factors you should consider when buying this chair for your personal needs. Shall we look at the factors?

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When it comes to buying office bungee chair, quality should top the list of your considerations. You should avoid any chair model whose straps can get easily stretched out. Namely, such a chair will lose all its benefits and support in a few months of use.

You should go for a bungee chair woven with leather and mesh fabrics. The chair covering and the joints should be made of premium quality materials. Avoid bungee chairs made of foams and manmade fibers as they get damaged quickly.

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The chair’s legs, wheels, as well as armrest support should be made of metal, instead of plastic, which is prone to breaking. Don’t forget to check the kind of warranty that comes with the chair. If an accident happens and accidentally cuts through your chair’s straps, it will immediately become useless.

Lumbar Support

As an office worker, you are prone to lower back pain. So, it is imperative that you purchase a chair that offers an increased motion. When movement is enhanced, the oxygen is able to flow through muscles and enhance the blood circulation to your brain. This helps to improve your focus at work. Your lower back should fit comfortably against the lumbar support.

Seat Adjustability

You should buy a bungee chair that is designed to have seat adjustability. This feature will allow you to raise or lower your seat to benefit various persons with different body shapes.

Remember, as an office worker you need to stay in your chair for prolonged time periods. So, buying an adjustable bungee chair can help alleviate your pain effectively. You can also adjust the backrest to feel relaxed.

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Final Thoughts

A bungee chair is a uniquely attractive piece of furniture that you should consider investing in. It is extremely cozy and can help make your life in the office simple. It is designed to match your comfort level. The chair is also sturdy and you are going to use it for many years to come. There is a wide range of office bungee chairs available on the market. You should choose a chair that is of high quality, offers great lumbar support, and has seat adjustability.




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